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Aug 30, 2009 11:23 AM

sleepy hollow ;finalmente and villa napoli

hello anyone have any input please-thx

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  1. Finalmente Trattoria, 31 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow NY

    Ate a browsing lunch there Sunday ($45, including three glasses of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo) , returned for dinner Tuesday (tonight, $92 including a $28 bottle of Cantele Primitivo Salerno 2006).

    Wife and I have enjoyed two meals so far, with not a drop of red sauce... but what there was was superb. I recommend our strategy of sharing each course -- you'll be satisfied without wasting a calorie.

    They've just opened, so dessert selection is lean -- go for one of the custards -- but the chef has a special way with pork tenderloin and with berries. Definitely go for the Foresta green salad (blueberries and walnuts in mixed greens and balsamic-based dressing) and the pork tenderloin with mixed mushrooms. So far, I haven't had anything there that did not please me greatly.

    The wait staff (run by an experienced and un-fussy Italian maitre d') is attentive without being annoying. I was pleased to see that it was 3/4 full at 9 PM on its sixth night open.

    And it's two blocks from my house! Win-win.

    [ The stupid blog software insists on adding a link to Finalmente Trattoria in Westport, CT, and it won't let me make it go away. Please ignore it.]

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    1. re: tbetz

      was at finalmente recently..higjlisghts are fish, pastas, hot apps, need to improve cold apps salads bread service and owner tho he is ok, does not exhibit warmth and personality for this small local place, and wont put ion a reservation waits can be long- in shoty this place has potential and i will be going back

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      1. Aware of the no reservations policy, we arrived at the restaurant last evening at 6:30 p.m. and were told "wait 20 minutes." 20 minutes came and went. Crowds continued to fill the place. We could order wine only. No non-alcoholic drinks except water. 7:00 came and went: more crowds, more noise, no ventilation in the room. Not even a potato chip to eat. 7:30 came and went, and finally at 8 p.m. we left because the staff were now talking about a further one hour wait. We were able to persuade the bar staff to bring us the Little Neck clams, which arrived lukewarm, covered with a thick, gummy breadcrumb crust, tasting very much as if they'd been microwaved. Very cold, unhelpful wait staff. By the time we left, there were people waiting outside the front door, and still, no tables had been vacated. An hour and a half of inattentive waiters, mediocre hors d'oeuvres and overwhelming heat and noise are an impossible combination. The place was absolute chaos. The restaurant needs to shape up, fast! It also needs to decide whether it is a serious restaurant with really good food, or a wine bar. The premises are too small to be both.

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        1. re: fouffe

          Sounds dreadful... No way I'd wait anywhere for 90 minutes for Italian food, especially if they'd told you 20 minutes. This is what happens when amateurs open restaurants, perhaps?

          I'll just head over to Tyrenda Thai.

          1. re: Nancy C

            no, this is what happens when a restaurant gets hot, and people want to eat there, go about 945-10 pm not much wait

            1. re: Nancy C

              Correction: This is what happens when restaurants don't take reservations. I'm always happy to leave a credit card number to ensure I'll show up.

              90 minutes, no way anyone should deal with that. I''m not an enthusiast for eating past 9pm, anyhow.

              1. re: Nancy C

                i agree nancy they should take reservations, no doubt

          2. Had a friend who used to love going to Villa Napoli with her gym group from the Y, but called today - number has been disconnected.

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            1. re: Retrokitch

              A good review for Finalmente in today's NY Times... maybe we'll try it one weeknight, early (no way I way 90 minutes for food) so no huge wait.

              1. re: Nancy C

                This made me laugh from the Sleepy Hollow PD blotter:
                Aug. 7

                9:39 p.m. An aggravated female diner walked into police headquarters after a meal at Finalmente restaurant. The woman said she went to use the bathroom and found there was no lock on the door. While the woman was in the restroom, another patron accidentally walked in on her. The woman wanted to know if there were any regulations regarding locks on restroom doors because she felt the situation was unacceptable.

                1. re: Marge

                  Too funny. So in short... Finalmente: Yummy food - go VERY early or VERY late and make sure you pee before you leave your house!!

                  1. re: beth1234

                    Went there on Saturday evening. We were aware of the no reservation policy and got there at 6. Well, 4 of us did, the other two were meeting us. At 6, there were 6 other people in the place, and many, many empty tables. They initially refused to let us sit at our table until our whole party arrived (even though one of our group was walking with a cane). No consideration at all until we complained and they "compromised" by putting us at a 4 top, and promising to add a 2 top if the rest of the party arrived. I understand the rule if they were crowded, but not when they were empty.

                    That being said, the food was excellent, and they were able to serve us quickly so that we could make our post-dinner appointment.

                    So, the food is a plus, but the (no) reservation policy is a big negative.

                    1. re: jordanbeck

                      What a miserable bunch runs this place... why would you make a person with a cane stand around waiting when plenty of tables are available? I am going to pass on this place out of principal. Can't be THAT special!

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