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Aug 30, 2009 10:35 AM

mail-order source for Kosher short ribs (English cut)

Fed up with limited selection and lousy service at local butchers, I'm thinking of mail-ordering kosher meat since I'm looking for this specific cut of short-rib (English, not flanken-cut). Any recommendations? Thanks very much.

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  1. Try Le Marais - their boucherie is fantastic and they will ship. You can also try calling Prime Grill -

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    1. If you're looking for fresh meat, I don't know. However, if you're looking for already made ribs, any restaurant which makes short ribs (including mine, of course) would be more than happy to send their finest, which would then liberate you from the need to cook them yourself. I know that both 3 and 5 bone short ribs are readily available raw from various suppliers (5 bone are somewhat smaller, but less fatty). Both braise and smoke well. Both will be somewhat expensive per pound (5 bone more than 3 bone). If you have a butcher who does flanken cut, then you should be able to just buy pre-cut slabs of ribs from him, since most of them buy whole slabs and then cross-cut them in the back room with the band saw. No need to pay a premium for Le Marais, since these things are easily available.

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        Does your restaurant have a website?

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            Although don't really have English-cut shirt ribs- rather, I have whole short ribs, which range from about 4 inches long to about 9 inches long, whereas English-cut are individual ribs cut in around 2 inch lengths. On the other hand, they're not Flanken-cut. I still think your best bet is to go in to your butcher, buy a whole rack of short ribs, and have him cut you English-cut short ribs from it on his band saw.

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              That's what I will do, thanks. I want to braise them myself so am looking only for fresh meat.

      2. Another spot to check is Grillers Pride out of Atlanta -