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Chow Fun in Southland

Can anyone help me find excellent chow fun in the area..the craving recently hit and im lost..

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  1. Your question is too ambiguous to answer.

    1) What are you craving ?

    2) What general area of L.A. ?
    (Are you really ready to drive from North Hollywood to Laguna Beach ?).

    3) What is chow fun ?

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    1. Silver & Gold Amazing, 728 S. Atlantic., Monterey Park

      1. Any Sam Woo BBQ has decent chow fun(s).
        I wouldn't say any chow fun I've had was ever excellent though....kind of hard to screw up. Any dish that listed as a chow mein can be made with rice noodles to make it a chow fun. One of my favorites is shrimp and egg chow fun.

        1. Like everyone says, what is your definition of chow funn? Mostly every good Chinese restaurant serve that on their menu under noodles. There is generic chow fun with beef, chicken, pork, seafood, etc. There are variations with black bean and bell peppers, sweet sour, and you can get it either wet or dry. If you're asking where can you find good tasty chow funn, then I could suggest Tasty Kitchen in Gardena for their daily lunch special menu for about $6.95. Seafood Port and Seafood Town in Torrance is another one of my favorites. Most larger restaurants have lunch specials. I also like the funn at Golden City in Chinatown and also Duong Son in Little Saigon. All the Sam Woo restaurants are good too.

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            Is Tasty Garden in Gardena related to the ones in Alhambra and Arcadia?

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              No. The name of this place is called Tasty Kitchen and it is "related" to Sea Empress. The owners came from Sea Empress in Gardena, The original owner of Sea Empress came from Empress Pavilion in Chinatown. Jimmy is now retired from what I was told.

          2. I love the house special chow fun at Won Kok in LA Chinatown. The rice noodles are properly fried with a generous topping of vegies, meats and seafood. Whenever I have the craving, this is where I go.

            1. If you don't have any good Cantonese restaurants near you to get chow fun, I find that pad see ewe in most Thai restaurants is a pretty close replacement to salve any cravings.

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                Thanks everyone...Personally, I like a roast pork chow fun, dry but in more than a few places ,admittedlywest of La Brea, I end of with disgustingly fatty pork...But looks like a few here i can check out...

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                  Do you mean char siu chow fun? Char siu is the red BBQ pork which is served in thin slices. When I think of roast pork, I think about the whole pig hanging in the glass showcase. I don't think I've ever had roast pork chow fun if that is what you ordered?

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                    >the red BBQ pork which is served in thin slices

                    That stuff is very, very good!