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Aug 30, 2009 09:27 AM

Columbia University Area; best chinese food (delivery)?

I'm no expert on the matter but I can't help but think that Ollie's isn't the best out there. At least I hope it's not.

Menu recommendations are welcomed as well. :)

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  1. I guess it really is Ollie's then.

    Alright; Curry Rice with beef and an eggroll shall stay my chinese diet.

    1. Try U Like Garden on Columbus and 105th, they should deliver to you. They're new to the neighborhood, and I really welcome them because our chinese options have been slim. This is not gourmet, but really scratches that cheap chinese food itch. Fast delivery, very fresh, never had a bad meal from them. Try their combination plates, that's the best value, and plenty of food for 2 meals.

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      1. re: ciaobaby

        They're not really new. They just moved up there from 96th St. when they lost their lease.

      2. I ate a lot of Ollies in college.. too much.. too much.. didn't the owners of Ollies open up some new Chinese restaurants in the area? like Swizz or something? I thought that was supposed to be a higher quality Ollies right next door to Ollies?

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        1. re: shanshan

          Excuse me for being blunt. The closest decent cheap Chinese place is Ho Yip's @45th, between 5 and 6th.

          1. re: diprey

            The OP is asking about a Chinese restaurant that delivers to Morningside Heights. Does Ho Hip's delivery zone extend that far?

            1. re: small h

              Are you talking about this one?


              If so, I wouldn't think so....

              1. re: BoomerKid

                I am, 'cause that's what diprey is talking about. And I wouldn't think so, either.

              2. re: small h

                Well, that's why I said I would be blunt. :) A conclusion is up to the OP.

                I think their food is good and authentic at only $4.25 /lb. If you know a good Chinese place of comparable quality/price any closer, please post here.

                IMHO, the Chinese offerings on the UWS are offensively bad. I am sorry, my posting was not quite helpful, but someone has to be the messenger.

                1. re: diprey

                  <If you know a good Chinese place of comparable quality/price any closer, please post here.>

                  I don't, 'cause I haven't lived in that area for some time (Dynasty on 110th & Broadway was my go-to place back in the day). But when someone asks for the best delivery in a certain neighborhood, it isn't helpful to suggest something 50 blocks away. Is there more than one Chinese restaurant in Morningside Heights? Yes. So it stands to reason that there is a best choice, even if it's of a bad lot. That's how sliding scales work.

                  1. re: small h

                    I apologize. I stuck to my opinions so close I failed to see anything but. I am sorry. It is not easy to recommend a decent Chinese place in the neighborhood that has none. If you kindly consider Malaysia Grill (@104), it's not exactly Chinese but you can get some Chinese dishes out of them. Malay food is tasty, too. Please tell us what your favorite tastes are and hopefully we can recommend something in particular.

          2. I lived in this area for a year, and one thing you do not get is good chinese. there are great food options, but yeah, it was totally lacking in that regard.

            I ordered from Saga on Amsterdamn bet'n 122 and 123 when I craved sushi and/or vietnamese. it was as much b/c they were super nice and delivered quick for the quality - the volcano sushi roll was pretty outstanding though. again though, its not Chinese.

            In short, its a good food area, but bad for Chinese.

            1. I've lived here for 3 years and the options for Chinese are pretty lousy. Recently I've been ordering from Hunan Balcony (Bwy & 98th). While it's not great, it is better than Ollie's, I think. They seem to use better-quality ingredients and don't pad their dishes with celery (which I have a special hatred for).

              Also, it's not Chinese, but Wondee Siam is fantastic for Thai, and I order all the time from Malaysia Grill (on 104th), which is great food for the money.