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Hi, it's Vincenzo, the Italian who often helps you about Italy.
Now, I play a different role.
I am leaving to Tampa Bay and I will be there for one week.
I want to take my girlfriend to dinner in Tampa Bay area on Thursday Sep 3.
Please, suggest me a very good restaurant with an excellent rate price / quality.
Not BERNS as I was there few years ago, already.
Thanks in advance.


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  1. Last week we went to Restaurant Hapa for my husband's birthday. The food was fantastic as was the wine and ther service. They have a very intimate pretty dining room and the Chef-Owners even come out and check the guests. http://www.hapafinedining.com/

    Restaurant.com also has gift certificates for this restaurant.

    1. Welcome to the Tampa Bay area! Takara Sushi at the Venue has some of the freshest fish in the area. Downtown St. Petersburg has some great options--Diner 437 on Central for updated American classics, Cilantro in North Tampa for Indian, Chinese in Tampa at Yummy House or China Yuan...there are so many great restaurants in the area, it really depends on what kind of food/atmosphere/experience you are looking for. For more upscale, it's hard to beat Mise En Place in Tampa--for waterfront dining the revamped Cafe DuFrain is great. Enjoy!

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        I thank you very much both.
        Anyway I reserved at Hapa and we're going there tonight.
        Tomorrow I will tell you my opinion.
        Thanks again, ciao.


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          So, last evening I had dinner at Hapa restaurant.
          I enjoyed it.
          Problems only the slow service and, first of all, the A/C too much cold for me.


          1. re: vidanto

            Our service was not slow per se but there was definitely quite a bit of time between courses. I was comfy with the temperature but the restaurant was full when we were there.
            Did you happen to have the fig appetizer?

                1. re: rhnault

                  the first was clambs with a red sauce and it did not make us crazy;
                  the second was escolar upon a bed of rice: excellent !
                  the dessert was chocolate and I liked it so and so.
                  The wine was a Chardonnay from California but i forgot the label and the winery.
                  The price was 74 $ for 2 persons.
                  Besides us, only two couples and stop.
                  I have a good memory of the dinner; the only weakness, IMO, was the cold.