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Aug 30, 2009 08:41 AM

Asian markets in Flushing - your favorites?

I love shopping in Asian supermarkets, and since we've been getting out to Flushing more often lately (many thanks to scoopG and Lau here), have been thrilled to set foot in some new ones - the Great Wall on Northern Blvd and the large Chinese mmarket on Kissena, and the Hong Kong Supermarket on Main St. The HK Market has a wider range of non-Chinese Asian ingredients than the other two (and rather bizarrely is the only place I've noticed carrying scrapple in their frozen food section, what the heck?) It also has a whole range of pickled chilis for Sichuan food which were very much sought after during the Dunlop month, including big jars of the brand with the cute little enraged red pepper on the label, and a brand labeled Super Hot from Taiwan which I will get next trip (we were weighed down by tons of leftovers from A Taste of Shanghai). Are there other places we're missing?

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  1. Not necessarily favorites, but you might like to check them out.

    H Mart (Korean) on Union and 29th Ave
    Assi Plaza (Korean) on 39th Ave, 1 block west of College Point Blvd
    A&N and Chung Fat (Chinese), both on Main and Sanford-Maple
    Hanyang (Korean) on Northern/150th

    1. I'm a big fan of Assi Plaza. The fruits and vegetables, while being a little on the pricey side, are superb. Their meat department is an adventure -- apparently the Koreans really, really love well-marbled, lovely cuts of beef and pork.

      I also like Great Wall on Northern Boulevard. Their prices are very competitive and the quality is very good. They also have a larger selection of items than many of their competition. We used to go to A&N on Main & Maple. Since the place was taken over by new owners, quality has suffered. And they closed the little bakery that was inside the store. The baked goods weren't anything special, but the woman who ran it and the ladies who worked for her were all warm and helpful.

      1. Thirded, Assi Plaza. Stand in the back parking lot and stare at the belly of the planes as they fly overhead. Yowza! Then go shop.

        1. there are just so many but when i go produce shopping, i just walk along main street, starting from what used to be the KFC / LIRR station, and just walk all the way up, almost to sanford. you'll hit about 7 or 8 places and i usually just hop around, looking for good prices and whatever is special. i end up at A&N (the old Kam Sen) or the place across the street; if you strategize and have a somewhat earlier meal, you can shop around and many of the places will reduce their prices after 8 or 9pm; there are often the $1 bags of produce which, if you cook that night or shortly thereafter, are a great deal. as for larger markets, you've pretty much named them; trying to think of actual distinctions and struggling. for me, flushing is all about the dusk produce and fruit bargain shopping.

          1. Like Assi as well. They've been carrying this great banchan consisting of squid stuffed with spiced roe near the prepared food items. I don't think it's made in-house. Really delicious.

            Not a huge fan of Hong Kong for their fresh stuff (meats, veggies). I've had some bad luck there. But fine for picking up chili peppers, sesame oil, oyster sauce, etc.

            From the Chinese markets out there, I'll say that my favorite has been A&N. I have noticed that it has deteriorated since the new one across the street has opened up though. So I generally go to both of them and get the best stuff from each one.