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Aug 30, 2009 08:18 AM

Fried Chicken Catering???

Hi everyone,
I'd love to host a all fried chicken (and appropriate sides) birthday party for about 15 people at my house but i am at a loss as to where to find this kind of catering.

Should i just walk up to the closest Kennedy Fried Chicken or Crown Fried chicken and see if they'll do it??
I'd love suggestions..

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Charles Gabriel of the late, lamented Charles' Southern Kitchen in Harlem will fry up some chicken for you. He now makes the fried chicken at Rack and Soul.on 98th or 99th Street just east of Broadway. Although the chicken isn't quite as good as it was, (I believe he makes it early and they then keep it all day, rather than frying it fresh every couple of hours) it can still be darn good Check it out.


      15 people? if you're generous, say, 50 pieces of chicken? i bet mama's food shoppe could do it with advance notice and their sides are excellent. give 'em a call, i like their chicken (well, dark meat) a lot.

      Mama's Food Shop
      200 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

      1. Hi,

        I maybe too late for this, but I'm a cook who loves entertaining and cooking my own meals. I live in Brooklyn by way of Chicago where I learned my cooking skills from my mother who's from the south, Memphis, TN. When I entertain, my guests always praise the meals I create for them.
        One of my specialties is chicken where I sear it so it's crunchy on outside and tender & juicy on the inside. I have an idea, I can prepare a tasting and if you like it, you can buy the chicken and I will cook it for you and your guests. Promise to be finger lickin good!