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Aug 30, 2009 07:46 AM

Bibou - two reviews

As you know from my previous postings, we loved Bibou. It was gratifying to see that Craig LaBan felt the same way. He gave it three bells in this morning's Inquirer.

There was also a blurb in the NY Times Travel Section.

Of course, this means that it will be even harder to get a reservation. So it goes!

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  1. You're right -- but it also means they'll stay in business! Which is a definite plus for everyone who loves good food. We've lost too many good restaurants lately.

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    1. re: Beulah

      Yeah, I'd rather have a great restaurant that I can't get into very often than a great restaurant that is empty half the time and closes 6 months later.

      I'm wondering what kept Bibou from being 4 bells. I didn't really read anything negative in the review apart from some minor nitpicks with a few dishes, and the rest of the review was glowing. He didn't mention the service at all though (apart from Charlotte), I wonder if that was an issue.

      1. re: Buckethead

        Given how few restaurants LeBan has annointed with four stars, it is not surprising. Decore must be one consideration. Not sure if he has ever given four stars to a BYO, and he did criticize aspects of their cooking such as not curing the salmon themselves.

        Only BYO I can remember that might have received four stars is Django. Wonder if any others have.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Django is the only one as far as I know. LaBan took a lot of heat for it at the time, I wonder if he's gunshy about giving 4 bells to a BYO again. The Bibou review reads like 4 bells to me.

          1. re: Buckethead

            "With a little noise control and a shade less restraint for the limited, ever-changing menu, Bibou can be even better. "

            This quote was not from the body of the review itself, but it might give some insight as to what is holding back the 4th bell. And when the year end restaurant roundup comes out, maybe we'll see the 4th bell.

        2. re: Buckethead

          Here is LeBan criticism - direct from his review - "There were a handful of mild disappointments. The terrine of quail mousse was a bit of a bore, considering the laborious "confit" preparations that went into emulsifying it into pâté silk. I was lightly disappointed to learn that the rose of folded salmon atop the multicolor beets hadn't been house-smoked. And Calmels could pay closer attention to seasonal ingredients. (Clementines and spiced pumpkin bread in August?)". I guess he felt that sufficient to hold back a bell!

      2. I was away and didn't get the paper but it's not a surprise that this place got a great review. Fortunately we've been a few times as it'll be tougher as one says to get a rezo.

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        1. re: Den

          yeah, go to open table. There isn't a 7:30 - 8 reservation available for weeks