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Aug 30, 2009 07:45 AM

Brunch/Buffet - Northern NJ

Entertaining relatives (10-15) soon in Essex/ Bergen/Hudson/Passaic County area from around the country with various tastes in food. How do I pick a restaurant that will satisfy varied taste buds? I was thinking Sunday brunch/ afternoon buffet around $30/person. There's The Manor West Orange ... good food ... expensive. Are there other places you'd recommend?

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  1. Although you have encompassed a large area of Northern New Jersey, I am still hard pressed to think of a place that may suit what you are looking for.....other than Madeleine's Petit Paris, located in Northvale, I cannot think of another place I would want to go to for Brunch. In the past, there used to be some hotels that had some great brunch offerings, but with change of ownerships and managements, the good ones were discontinued.

    For the record, I have not been to Madeleine's, but I have friends who have, and I respect their opinions. However, I have been to their lunch and dinners and found the quality of foood to be excellent and well prepared.

    A little outside of your area, but you may want to consider Peter Kelly's Restaurant X in Congers, Rockland County, New York(($38, but includes unlimited brunch cocktails).....or Rod's in Morristown, Morris County, NJ.($29, no alcohol)

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        The Bethwood in Totowa has a pretty nice Brunch with tons of food options.