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Good Chinese restos in GTA that use little oil/fats? Possible?

vjb Aug 30, 2009 06:08 AM

I need two kinds of info:

1) Spouse and I are looking for suggestions for a place to go in the Greater Toronto Area (preferences for north of Eglinton and east of 400) to go for a good Mid-Autumn Festival meal ....BUT for health reasons Spouse must avoid fats as much as possible. He's been eating white meat from chicken and turkey, and lots of fish/seafood as long as it's not fried, and we've avoided frying everything. And my carnivorous spouse is even eating a lot of vegetarian meals.
2) Do we need to swear off Chinese food while he is on this indefinitely-running ultra-low-fat diet? Or are there certain dishes he's likely to be able to eat, no matter which restaurant we go to?

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  1. T Long RE: vjb Aug 30, 2009 07:25 AM

    While I'm not in the same position as your spouse, I don't like too much fried/greasy/fat stuff myself when I go outside the house to dine. For Chinese food, I think dinner fare is pretty much greasy...some more than others. Even steamed fish usually has some added oils for taste. I find the sauteed stuff far less greasy than say anything deep-fried. Most hot-pot dishes might work though....along with limited steamed (or boiled) selections (eg. "white-cut chicken"). However dim-sum usually has a large selection of steamed goodies (dim sum is mostly steamed or deep-fried), so dim sum lunch should not be a problem.

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      c_snapper RE: vjb Aug 30, 2009 08:44 AM

      Grand Chinese at the Double Tree Hilton near the Airport was pretty good in terms of how much grease/oil they use. While they did still use it, it's nothing like the traditional chinatown fare where the entire dish is 50% grease.

      Steamed Chicken usually has little fat just don't dip it in ginger/onion sauce. I'm sure some of the braised vegetable dishes can be had with little grease without major sacrifice on taste and flavour.

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        piccola RE: vjb Aug 30, 2009 05:21 PM

        I'm looking for the same thing, but downtown - or at least, near the TTC.

        Meanwhile, you guys could stick to soups and stuff like congee.

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