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Aug 30, 2009 05:16 AM

Candy/Chocolate Shop Torino

I'm headed to Torino next Sat. Can anyone recommend a good candy shop in the center of town?

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  1. Really, more than one:
    i used tha alphabetic sort so that there is no my personal rank in this list.
    Each one of this gorgeous shops is in the center of Torino.
    Enjoy it, ciao.


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    1. re: vidanto

      Vincenzo, Thanks very much for replying. Aren't most of these places cafes? I am looking for a shop where I can really stock up on the best Italian chocolate and sweets.

      1. re: badwaiter

        In each one of these shops you can find what you're searching for; particularly at Baratti&Milano.
        Anyway, not in the center of the town but not so far from it, maybe the good shop for you could be STEFFANONE where you will find what you want. Look at its website .



        1. re: vidanto

          Get the ChocoPass if you have time -- an awesome deal.

          There's a Peyrano store not far from the Porto Nuovo rail station that is very good -- much more variety than most spots. If I recall it's west of the station down Victor Emanuelle II and on the opposite side of the street.

        2. re: badwaiter

          Baratti & Milano sells candy and chocolate, in addition to being a cafe. Most of the others probably do so as well. B&M makes divine hard candies--look for their "1800" line, with flavors such as rosa canina and tamarindo. Gorgeous place, too, right near Pza Castello.

          1. re: erica

            I favour Baratti and Milano too, also great ice-cream. I wouldn't bother with the Choco-pass, it gives you free public transport for 2 days plus coupons for one piece of chocolate from 15 participating chocolatieres (not B&M) which no-one ever uses all of them. better value is the Torino-Piedmont card which gives you free access on public transport plus all museums/galleries in 2,3,5&7 day passes.

            Get a copy of Torino Chocolate from any of the tourist offices and it has a map of all the famous chocolaterieres

            1. re: Villasampaguita

              WhileI would not necessarily recommend the ChocoPass (we received them free courtesy of our hotel and made good use of them), it should be noted that the Pass does not include free public transport and that the coupons are good for chocolate in candy form as well as in drinks, including bicerin, and in cakes. Several of the participating locations are out of the center city.

              1. re: erica

                I stand corrected on the choco-pass. I see that they changed the format since the last one I saw a few years ago, no more transport but now 22 tastes in 3 days for euro 12.50.


                Erica did you use all your coupons?

      2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I don't know why anyone didn't mention these two places because they were both excellent and centrally located.

        Guido Gobino: 1 Lagrange I'm a sucker for salty and sweet so when I saw the cremini al sale I took a whole bunch away with me. They also had a really good bourbon cream. This place is more modern and upscale than traditional and upscale.

        Stratta: Piazza San Carlo 191 I forget the name in Italian but in the US we call them jordan almonds. Just like grandma used to give you, or at least me. They had a lot of other delicious looking candy and I would have bought more if I hadn't found Gobino first.

        Just as a side note I went to Bicerin as well. While I love zabaglione, I don't recommend ordering one when it's 80 degrees outside.

        The pictures are in the window at Stratta and the bicerin/zabaglione combo.