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Aug 29, 2009 08:38 PM

BIG Juicy Reds...Russian River or Dry Creek

I will have only 1 day to tour wineries. We will be staying in Russian River. Some on the site have suggested Hop-Kiln, Hartford, Mazocco. Should we focus the day on Russian River or Dry Creek. I love the Rhone varietals. Reds that have a big, strong start and a smooth finish. I love single varietals or blends of Mourvedre, Tannat, Petite Verdot, Grenache. Any suggestions?

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    1. A Rafenelli - Dry Creek. A fabulous Estate Cabernet

      Raymond Burr - Dry Creek . They do an incredible Cabernet Franc.


      1. Your in the wrong area for those varietals, but if you like the mourved/grenache go for the
        Russian River as you will find big juicy Pinots with bright clean acidity. Dry Creek is known for their Zins.

        1. Thanks to all for your input. Whiner, I wrote down the wineries you sent to me on a former posting of mine. I am going to stick to RR. Thanks!