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BBQ in Williamsburg, VA

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I will be traveling next week to Williamsburg, VA (visiting Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens) with my husband and 2 kids (ages 8 and 10). I am looking for restaurant recommendations - most importantly, a great BBQ place as my husband loves good BBQ, but also other restraurants in general. I would like kid friendly and non-chain restaurants that are either in or close to the Colonial Williamsburg area. Thank you in advance!

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      1. The best BBQ place is Pierce's on Rochambeau (near Wal Mart). However, there is a new place on Route 60 (west) about 8 miles from Williamsburg called Hog Wild.

        Pierces sells its BBQ by the pound which is a great deal. It's a bit rustic but you're going for the BBQ, not the ambience. You can buy the sauce too by the bottle!

        Hog Wild is a BBQ place in the Cajun tradition and the chef moved here from New Orleans. Their speciality is their pulled pork with a choice of 6 sauces. It's a flip flop restaurant but their specialities are truly gourmet. The bread pudding is my favorite. My husband loves the muffalata (possibly misspelled). To me the word means more food than any human could possibly eat! The decaf coffee is the best in two towns.

        1. Pierces is the place, but be prepared to wait in the line.

          1. Visited Pierces on 06-28-10. Not bad, but not great BBQ. Not good enough to cause me to go back. Pulled pork is their specialty and their sauce has strong vinegar overtones, but not the pure vinegar type NC bbq sauces. The pulled pork has a good level of smoke flavor. Made for a decent pulled pork sandwich, but I've made better in my smoker at home.

            The ribs were a disappointment. The ribs were tender to the point of being mush-like - similar to pulled pork texture. The ribs were a uniform color with no evidence of a smoke ring and no semblance of bark on the bbg. The smoke flavor was much less pronounced on the ribs. I'm speculating thatt the ribs were either steamed before smoking or slightly smoked and then cooked in foil rest of the way to achieve that texture without a smoke ring and bark being present.

            The sides were a real disappointment. Everything comes served in prepackaged plastic serving containers. You get a little container of mac-n-cheese and cole slaw. They tasted okay, but just getting these prepackaged containers made it feel like airline food. The hush puppies were like lead.

            Definitely a disappointment because I was expecting great bbq.