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Aug 29, 2009 07:41 PM

Where to find Maggi seasoning sauce? SE PDX

um, any ideas?

preferably would like to avoid a trip out to gresham


in case you're curious as to why, i'm making sangrita for a tequila tasting. here's the recipe i got from a chap in mexico about 10 years back:

1L tomato juice
12oz orange juice
6oz lime juice
1.5oz maggi sauce
1.5oz inglesa sauce (worcestershire)
tabasco sauce - al gusto
1.5oz grenadine
sal y pimiento

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  1. I would try FuBonn market on SE 82nd.

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    1. By the worcestershire in the regular grocery. If not there, try a Mexican aisle or store. Or Asian, though I've heard there is a difference in the Asian formulation compared to the European one. Essentially it is hydrolyzed protein, msg, and coloring - a sauce flavor enhancer.

      1. You should have no trouble finding it in the ethnic section of any grocery store. I've bought it before at safeway for micheladas.

        1. I get it at Uwajimaya in the sauce isle. I love the stuff. Awesome on a bahn mi or in chicken adobo.

          1. I buy the 27 oz size in any Asian grocery store. Tastes similar to small bottles from other stores to me!