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Aug 29, 2009 07:06 PM

Dress code at Arrows...

I was in Maine for the past week and I was hoping to go to Arrows. My father-in-law went there a few times for the past 10 years and told me about the food and how great was the location.

So before our departure for our vacation, I asked my girlfriend about the dressing code at Arrows. She told me not to worry (her father went there in casual clothing) and that an urban clothing would be ok (jeans + polo). When we called for our reservation (we were already in Maine), the lady on the phone told my girlfriend that the jacket was preferred. My girlfriend made the reservation and talked to me about the jacket issue. After discussing about this, she called back at the restaurant and said that I didn’t have any. The lady answered to her: ‘That’s ok. We’ll cancel the reservation for you.’ And then she hung up.

I’m really disappointed about this because I wanted to go there. I’m also surprised because, I was in vacation enjoying all my days at the beach so I never taught to bring a jacket (and kind of surprise... it’s not downtown NYC, it’s on coastal Maine!)

I’ll probably never go there because this bad “pre-experience”.

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  1. I guess some places are just to SNOTTY for there own good,

    1. This is from their website:
      Jacket is preferred for gentlemen but not required. We ask that our guests do not come in casual attire. We do not seat guests dressed in shorts. We encourage our guests to dress up.

      With so many fabulous dining options, I would have to agree that it is not a place that is on my list any longer.

      1. The "lady " was wrong. We have been eating at Arrows for years and as the policy says, jackets are preferred, but not required. They are also very accomodating. a friend travelling down the coast met us there for dinner, showed up in shorts. Clark found a pair of pants for him to wear so that he could stay. There is nothing snotty about them or their policy. It is a beautiful place and the policy really only requires a decent pair of pants with a shirt with a collar (polo, dress shirt or whatever, just no T shirts.

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          The "lady" being wrong does nothing to help foie gras lover. Her attitude was undeniably snotty. I hope that this was reported to the restaurant, because such a person should be fired immediately.

        2. Don't worry, all that's lost was a meal that was in the top ten most expensive I've ever eaten, but that wasn't even in the top 50 meals I've had. They might have been "all that" when they were the only high end establishment in Maine, but no longer. Go north to Portland, and enjoy a casually dressed excellent meal at either Fore Street or Hugos. Both have better food, and with way less attitude.

          1. "Snotty" would be a compliment to these people. We had dinner there last year and the waiter got very confrontational when I asked for a glass of water. He insisted that we had to buy one of their overpriced varieties, some of which were actually filtered tap water! The arrogance of the owner equalled that of the waiter. I admit the food is good, but dinner for two with a bottle of mid-range wine came to $325.00. Its good, but its not $325.00 good!
            Overall, just a very unpleasant experience.