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Aug 29, 2009 06:35 PM

What happened to Marigold Kitchen

Reading the Inquirer on Thursday I was saddened to see that Marigold Kitchen had closed. Does anyone know where the chef (Erin xxxx) went? Did she open anywhere else - loved the southern themed food... Appreciate any update that can be provided.

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    1. Marigold will have a new chef soon, it's not closing, it's reopening on the 1st (hopefully):

      The menu on their website is new:

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        Hmmm. What I saw in Klain's article on Thursday that the new restaurant was going to be French themed - with new owners who I did not recognize... I may have mis-read as I was skimming.

        1. re: FriskLamb

          new menu is posted on the marigold site now. Looks....well....meh.

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            I think it's a tad premature to say "Meh" when you've never had the food. I thought the same thing initially after Erin took over. I knew she had the skills, but at first glance, the menu didn't blow me away. Luckily I was very, very wrong. The new chef has an impressive resume including Alinea, so I'll reserve judgment until I try the food.

            I try not to hit a restaurant until it's been open for a few weeks, but I might make an exception with this latest incarnation of Marigold. Will probably try the tasting menu and report back asap.

            1. re: Boognish

              oh I'll definitely be trying it! The "meh" was just for the menu, not the food.

              1. re: hollyd

                gotcha! I understand where you're coming from.

                1. re: Boognish

                  SO does anyone know where Erin landed up? Is she still in the city cooking somewhere?

                  1. re: FriskLamb

                    She's opening Percy Street Barbecue, a full-sevice texan bbq joint, in October.

                    900 South St.

      2. We ate at the new Marigold Kitchen last night. The first thing that struck us as we walked in was an overwhelming aroma of really bad incense. It immediately gave me a headache almost like standing next to someone wearing a very large splash of patchouli or walking past the Yankee candle store. We asked our server if they were burning incense and she told us that two of the dishes are served with garnishes that are lit on fire. (one dessert with a burning cinnamon stick and a scallop entree with a burning sprig of rosemary.) We knew that we would be in for an interesting meal. In lieu of bread we were served parsnip frizzles. We then started off with appetizers of sardines with citrus salad and saffron nutmeg vinaigrette and also had pork belly with pickled carrots and fennel and grits. The flavor of the sardines were very nice and fresh, however we could not taste the saffron nutmeg vinaigrette. The pork belly was cooked very nicely, but a very small portion for $12. There were only two slices of pork belly less than an inch long and maybe a quarter of an inch thick. It wasn't quite worth it for $12. We then shared the sweet breads appetizer. I believe they were poached sous vide. They were probably the best thing we ate all night, although I generally prefer sweetbreads with a little more texture and a little crispier. For entrees I had the halibut with a consomme of tomato, basil pistou and baby artichokes. The halibut was very good, but there was only one large artichoke with it. My boyfriend had the red grouper which was good. It was served with a butternut squash short rib hash. We had two desserts: profiteroles, which were okay, certainly not the best I have had. They were served with a banana ice cream. The other dessert was a peach walnut strudel with what was called walnut ice cream, but was so overwhelmed by salt that you could not taste any other flavor at all. I understand the idea of adding salt to ice cream to enhance flavors, but this was so dominant that it ruined the dessert. Lastly, I should comment on the noise level of the room. One of the dangers of dining in University City is that you never knowb when the restaurant is going to be taken over by two large parties (one 10 and one 8) of giggly, gallon jug of wine toting Penn girls. I really don't understand how they have expensive designer purses like Chanel, Longchamps, Gucci, etc., but the wine they brought in is the cheapest wine you can fine in the liquor store: a gallon jug of Livingston, several 2 liter bottles of Yellowtail, etc. Once they got settled into the room, the noise level was ear piercing and sounded like a flock of wayward geese. Our server, however was very nice and gave good service. All and all it was an ok to good meal. I think they are trying to be a bit too avant garde for their own good. The food overall is a bit too composed for my tastes (like brussel's sprouts lined up in a checker board pattern on the grouper dish). I get the whole dinner as art thing and appreciate it when done well... but the meal on a whole fell a little flat and we probably won't be heading back.

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        1. re: sanfrantransplant

          Thank you very much for the write up.

          I'm going to try and get there this weekend.

          1. re: Boognish

            Just went tonight. It's really different and delicious. Definitely perfect for people who know/enjoy good, quality food and unusual approaches to food/cooking. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal from start to finish, appetizer to dessert. True, portion sizes are not large, but I didn't leave feeling that I was lacking anything. I was completely satisfied and taste buds happily indulged!

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                Okay! I ate the wild mushrooms in parchment--delicious! Probably the best part of the whole meal. Morels, definitely identifiable, along with other mushrooms and a microgreen salad with lemon oil "dressing." I also had the avocado in the style of foie gras. Also excellent. The almond cream sauce was delicious--and interesting/complex. I enjoyed that the nuts in the meal(s) were adequately toasted and crunchy--fresh--even though they were in a meal that included a (wet) creamy sauce.

                The chef also included a complimentary "pina colada" amuse bouche, which was almost like a creamy, dense mousse/pudding, with dried pineapple. That was also delicious...

                There was a "Liquid, gas, and ice" (something like that) complimentary tasting that was a play on salad. One was liquid, one was a foam, the last a frozen spinach-y tasting, which I didn't care for as much, but it was tasty still.

                My dining partner had sardines which he said were tasty (I'm a vegetarian, so I can't say for myself), but they looked good/presentation was nice. He also had the halibut, which also was nicely presented and very tasty (not as per my tasting, as stated above).
                Hope that helps!!


                Oh yeah, (can't believe I forgot to mention!) the dessert was truly AWESOME. I had the chocolate torte, which was, as expected dense, chocolate-y, and delicious. A good-sized slice, though not too big. We also got the profiteroles with banana ice cream and chocolate sauce. Again, delicious!