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Aug 29, 2009 06:26 PM


My first thought after eating the Old School Fish Tacos at the new Suza Baja Grill was "I would love to go to Mango's." (For those who don't know, Mango's is a place in Red Cliff, CO that serves great fish tacos.) Unfortunately, our first visit to the new Suza Baja Grill was very disappointing. After reading all the publicity they received in this area during the last week or two, I looked forward to a nice lunch. It was just terrible. The tacos contained fish and lettuce. I could not discern any sauce or other vegetables. Accompaniments were black beans, white beans and white rice. All three were cold when served and could have easily come out of a TV dinner. My wife's Caesar with grilled chicken was bland and when you think of the Caesar you can get right across the street at Gore Range Brewery you can't help but be disappointed that you wasted a meal at Suza. I just hope it improves.

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  1. DD, your experience fits with what I've heard on Suza in the last week. The Vail Daily will hype a place that buys ads, hence the local "noise". Sounds like a bookend for Suck a Zazza. Even folks who have no appreciation for better food don't like Suza.

    1. I agree, I was totally disappointed in Suza Baja. Very horrible food. Horrible service and manager was very rude. Dark meat chicken with fatty tissue still on the meat. Very cold, poor flavor....let's hope it gets better! Wow, what a disappointment!