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Aug 29, 2009 05:57 PM

Porkloin stuffed with pineapple

I have a whole pork loin that I would like to stuff with fresh pineapple and then bbq.
I thought to wrap the pineapple in cgard leaves and add some mint and sage. Then I'd like to cook it on a lowish sort of temp on a cedar board. I'm thinking of wrapping the pineapple in chard so the pineapple doesn't have too big a softening effect on the pork. I then thought I'd brine it in a salt. water and pineapple juice brine for about an hour a pound. Any thoughts or advise?

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  1. It sounds delish. I love pork with pineapple. Be aware that fresh pineapple contains some kind of weird enzyme (it prevents gelatin from gelling...) but it might help tenderize the pork like papaya enzyme does. Wish I could be of more help to you. Let us all know how it turns out. Bon Appetit! adam

    1. Never had a pork loin roast stuffed w/ pineapple. Adamshoe is right, pineapples have an enzyme that will turn your roast meat mushy, if you leave it on too long. I wouldn't brine in pineapple juice at all. And, even if you wrap the pineapple in chard ( I assume raw) leaves, the juice will likely still leak out and start "cooking" the meat. I think I would grill the pineapple separately, and then serve as a salsa with the roast.

      What I like to do with pork loin roasts is dry-brine them, which is to put a layer of kosher salt on the meat, and leave it in the coldest part of your fridge, elevated on a rack, over a sheet pan, to help relax the protein molecules, it may lose a bit of water weight, but will actually retain more moisture than it will lose. Also, by letting the cold air circulate around it, it browns up beautifully. If you're not comfortable leaving it uncovered, I've also seasoned with kosher salt, inserted garlic slivers into the roast, wrapped it all in rosemary sprigs, then wrapped in saran wrap, put into a ziploc, and kept in the fridge for a few (3?) days, before roasting it! It turned out beautifully.

      My only other advice re: grill-roasting it, is to have a 2 level fire, so you can sear it first on the hot side, then cook it slower on the low side. I assume that's when you can put it on the cedar plank, but, frankly, I haven't used one, so I really don't know about that.

      Good luck!!

      1. I've done 20 min marinades for pork steaks in straight pineapple juice--and they're incredibe (OJ doesn't work).

        Most pork doesn't need more salt (ie from a brine), but that's just my experience.

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          I agree with you, Caralien, that a short marinade in pineapple juice for pork can be delicious, but the size of the pork matters. Some steaks or chops, fine. But I wouldn't do a whole roast, in order to get any pineapple flavor, OP would either need an injector, or leave it in the marinade for a longer while, and that will kill the meat's texture.

        2. I do like the sound of your recipe, the cedar board and the chard with pineapple is throwing me a bit. Won't you miss out on the outter grilling by using the board?

          If it were me, I'd grill the pineapple, then make a chopped stuffing, then roast, no salt. I wouldn't brine in pineapple either, I'd be afraid it would overtake the roast, and be too sweet then. Jalapeno, carrots, and onion for your stuffing. Grill as normal and baste with a soy and pineapple glaze, later in the grilling, so it doesn't burn. Be careful these cook faster than you think they would. If you have a probe thermometer use it.