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Aug 29, 2009 05:29 PM

new ideas for our next trip to Austin?

We're headed back to Austin on business this week. I've been searching this board, but haven't had a lot of luck. Looking for some new/fresh dinner reccomendations. Here's where we've been:

1) Uchi (twice). Loved it.
2) Fonda San Miguel. This was also really good. Great food, service, and a beautiful setting.
3) County Line. Above average, but nothing special.
4) Chuy's. Average tex mex. Was OK, but wouldn't go back.
5) Smitty's (Lockhart). Awesome 'cue.

So for this trip- hoping to find a new place to try that is has a fun atmosphere for drinks/happy hour and at least above average (hopefully great) food. We're game for any type of cuisine and price isn't a huge factor. Is there anything hound-worthy downtown in the 4th or 6th street area?

Also, do you have any recs for lunch or dinner in the north Austin area (near N. Lamar and Braker Ln)?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Go to Lambert;s don't mess around it's the BEST!

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    1. go to La Condesa on 2nd street ---great atmosphere, interesting food, great cocktails

      I also just tried North in the Domain and the appetizers and pizzas were excellent. Service was good too.

      1. For your lunch near Lamar & Braker, I'd recommend Andiamo. Simple and well-executed Italian dishes. They're not breaking into far-reaching authenticity (arguments over good Italian restaurants usually center around that), but they turn out a very tasty product.

        There is also a pho restaurant right next door (cash only) that is very solid.

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          If you go south from Braker on Lamar to the Rutland or Rundberg intersections you will see a plethora of ethnic places including Mexican, vegetarian Indian, Vietnamese of various kinds and the famous, for what reason I do not know, T & S Chinese restuarant. If you take Lamar west of Burnet Road, you will be at the intersection of the Domain, an upscale shopping area with no restuarants of distinction, mainly franchise. But in the same area facing Burnet Road in the Texas Culinary Institute and they maintain a restuarant named Ventana run by the students. It's a pretty decent place to eat lunch and dinner at quite reasonable prices. That part of town, Lamar and Braker, is very mixed ethnically and socio-economically. There are a lot of Mexicans and consequently lots of small Mexican places to eat. In some of them no one, or a very,very few will speak English. You are also in the vicinity of the Chinatown mall and I understand there may be some interesting eating there as well. Good luck.

          1. re: singlemalt

            Singlemalt, I think you may be confused. You said:

            "If you take Lamar west of Burnet Road, ..."??
            Lamar and Burnet are parallel, mostly. Lamar doesn't come close to the domain.
            I think you mean Burnet, West of Braker?

            Ventana (and the Domain) is on Burnet and Braker, not Lamar
            Now on Lamar, for lunch there are a number of places in the Chinatown center (Lamar and Kramer, just South of Braker) including First Chinese BBQ, Baguette House, both very good. Search the Austin board for details.

            1. re: TroyTempest

              Thanks all! I think we'll hit Lamberts for dinner tomorrow. And we've been to a Pho place in the Chinatown center, but not Baguette House or First Chinese BBQ. Possible trip to Andiamo for dinner tonight.

              1. re: bdegregory

                Might want to check out Primizie Osteria. It is on 11th street east of I-35 but still really close to downtown. I always tell my friends from out of town to go there because it is an area of town most folks visiting don't know about. Fun & relaxed place, great food.