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Aug 29, 2009 04:34 PM

Real Bacon [Upper Peninsula]

Hi, been searching for a real low fat bacon that is found back in Scotland something like sweetcure or ayrshire bacon (for those ex-scots who know what I'm talking about) but to no avail.
A friend of a friend said there was somewhere in the upper penisula that did a bacon close to the scottish type, anyone have any info regarding my quest to find bacon that not altogether fat with a streak of bacon through it
Best Regards David

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  1. Ps this iss what you call bacon

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    1. re: davidandbess

      That looks like not bacon at all but cured pork loin . There is a big difference .Properly brined and smoked pork loin is not necessarily Canadian bacon . That looks cured and maybe cold smoked . It looks delicious , but I have not seen anything like it around here . Maybe at the Polish Market @ 15 and Dequindre in Troy . That place is a shrine to cured and smoked pork .

      1. re: GoalieJeff

        I can assure this is bacon at it's best ,canadian bacon is not even close to this

        1. re: davidandbess

          I'm sure it's very good , it's just in the U.S. bacon is made from pork belly , not loin , no matter what is attached . That's all I'm saying . It does indeed look very tasty and I would love to eat me some .

    2. Looks as though this is the place to go:

      Click on the Opie's Meats link at left, and Ayrshire Bacon is listed. Note also that Opie's Meats is a Scottish butcher shop independent of this site, if you're up for a drive up there (not sure what the rules are on taking meat across the border, but seems as though bacon ought to be OK). I'm not too surprised--the area around London is as Scottish as North America gets. I'll have to try this stuff next time I'm in the area

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      1. re: Jim M

        Last I knew they still hadn't lifted the ban on bringing meat across from Canada...we've had to dump it a few times at customs....not happy!

        Davidandbess....funny you should post this...daughter left today for six months in Scotland and the one thing she has asked to be waiting for her is a bacon sandwich on a morning roll with lurpack spread ever so nicely on both sides.

        1. re: grouper

          god that sounds so inviting make sure she gets a mortons roll,they are sold mainly in lanarkshire and the glasgow areas,not a lot of dough but plenty of crispyness

          1. re: davidandbess

            She's staring in Dumbarton and then heading to University of Aberdeen....I told her to eat as many potato scones as she could for me, slathered again in Lurpack, and they needed to be Mother's Pride...not the really doughy ones sold at Asda.

      2. That sounds like the peameal bacon from Canada. Closest spot to the UP would be across the St Mary's River in the supermarkets of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

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        1. re: KansasTravel

          Peameal bacon is Canadian bacon. The Op already said it's not Canadian Bacon but didn't tell us why or what he/she feels the difference is so it's pretty hard to help.
          It looks like cured back bacon to me.
          AFAIK Wiltshire and Aryshire are both cured products and not typically smoked. I'm sure you could find either on line. In the UP your far more likely to find smoked pork loin.
          There is a company in Troy making peameal bacon and you can find it at Ninos, Vince & Joes, Papa Joes and many other markets in the Detroit area. The Polish Market at 15 & Dequindre and just South of 22 on Hayes carries a smoked pork loin as well.
          You can always make your own!

          1. re: Fritter

            What we call "Canadian bacon" is a poor imitation of peameal bacon. No one that is a fan of peameal bacon would cosider Canadian bacon to be the same thing.

            1. re: KansasTravel

              I have no idea who the "we" is in that statement.
              Peameal bacon is a Canadian Bacon. Not every one in the US equates Canadian bacon with the crud they put on an egg McMuffin.
              Since the product the OP has shown us does not have peameal the closest product would be true Canadian Bacon that is cured but not smoked. Again there is a company in Troy that carries an authentic Canadian bacon so it is available through out the greater Detroit area.
              Wiltshire and Aryshire are not being made any where in Mi AFAIK.


              1. re: Fritter

                hi all,this is the bacon I'm on about
                If you tasted this bacon you would not eat another slice of so called american bacon