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Dubliner cheese in Toronto area?

I was introduced to this great cheese recently by a friend in the U.S. and went online while I was there, finding that it was available at Costco here. Would you please let me know which Costco in Toronto has Dubliner cheese for sale, since the one near my home doesn't carry it.

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  1. I know that one of the cheese shops at St Lawrence Market carries it, as well as the Loblaws in Leaside.

    1. Like many cheeses at Costco I have seen it there closer to Christmas. I find their selection greatly improves closer to the holidays. And if you can get to an Ottawa or Quebec location they have an even wider selection of cheese.

      1. I think you can get it at Summerhill Market, and Whole Foods!

        1. I've gotten it at both Pusateri's and Bruno's.

          1. I buy Dubliner at Grande Cheese. I think there are a few locations. I always get mine in Richmond Hill. You might be able to call a store if there is one near you.

            1. I purchased some at Alex Farms in the Beaches. It was excellent.

              1. It's not exactly hard to find. Virtually every Loblaws sells it. Other supermarkets also.

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                  I've now realized that this is true, but I was particularly interested in Costco. I originally made this inquiry as a post in another thread (where the opening poster had indicated that they were able to buy large quantities of this cheese at a low price at Costco), but then found that my post had been used to start a new thread. Thanks for your responses. I've since bought some Dubliner at Grande Cheese, but am still interested if anyone knows a Costco that carries it.

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                    I am pretty sure it is at the Queensway location. It is also sold at Metro. I buy it there all the time......love it too!

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                        I haven't seen it at the Ajax or Scarboro locations since last winter. The low price someone got for Dubliner was probably a clear-out with the stale date looming. I don't think they would keep it on year round unless there was a large Irish clientele nearby.

                2. I live in St Catharines and buy it at Sobeys! About $7.00