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Aug 29, 2009 03:06 PM

Coconut M&M's in Westchester?

Has anyone spotted these limited edition bags in the area? I have kept an eye out in my usual spots, but have yet to find them. Not sure how long they will be out but I must have some, doesn't get much better than chocolate and coconut!
Tried: A&P Thornwood and Mt. Kisco, CVS Thornwood, Target Mt. Kisco, Key Foods Pleasantville....

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  1. As a almondjoyaholic these sound fantastic. Looked online and found this place which has expedited shipping 11.6 ounce bag for 5.99...

    the reviews on the candy blogs are glowing

    1. Good luck! They came and went very quickly on the West Coast. A friend told me yesterday she saw some at a market in eastern PA, so maybe they're just starting distribution there. Target and Walgreen's were the most reliable sources out here.

      Coconut M&M sightings around San Francisco:

      1. I'm in LA (different Westchester) and saw them at our Mobil gas station convenience store.

        1. I saw that SF sightings list, that's what inspired me to post here....surely someone has seen them around? I hope? Not sure how much longer I can hold out before I buy online......

          1. I've definitely seen them. It was at a gas station but of course I dont remember which one :-( Usually, mobils are pretty good with limited edition candy. And 7-11... I just found the super new Snickers Fudge (which is awesome!)... I will keep my eyes open!

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