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Aug 29, 2009 02:49 PM

Aptos/ Capitola dinner suggestions?

My husband and I are spending a weekend in the Aptos/ Capitola area. We haven't been there in almost ten years. The only restaurant we know is Shadowbrook (they had the yummiest orange buns! We used to order extra to bring home!). Any suggestions for a good place for dinner?

I love this board. Every single restaurant suggestion has been GREAT.

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  1. Too bad if you went to the Shadowbrook. I'll never eat there again.

    Meanwhile, my two favorite places in those towns are:

    1) Aptos: Au Midi, a French restaurant with perfect food, perfect service, and perfect setting. So comfortable, so delicious, and so obviously made with love. The wife is the chef, and her husband is host.

    The wine list is sweet: all are priced the same: $8/glass and $29/bottle.

    2) Capitola: a hidden gem is Caruso's Italian restaurant. The chef, David Caruso, is straight from Italy, and he's a generous-spirited, energetic man who clearly loves what he's doing. The food is ultra-Italian, and many have been the times that I've eaten there, rocking back and forth and moaning with delight. (TMI? Sorry.) You cannot go wrong there. It's in the village on the little connector street between the Esplanade and the other main drag through the village, in the Capitola Mercantile.

    Either of these places is a complete delight, and I hope you try them next time around!

    1750 Wharf Rd., Capitola, CA 95010

    Au Midi
    7960 Soquel Dr Ste E, Aptos, CA 95003