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Aug 29, 2009 01:45 PM

Looking for a special place for birthday dinner next month

It's my birthday next month and I've been given the opportunity to pick out any restaurant in Chicago. I'm specifically looking at fine dining options. I had the privilege of doing the tasting at Alinea back in April and it was absolutely incredible, but unless the menu has changed by the end of next month, I don't want to go and have mostly the same dishes.

The two choices that are coming to mind for me are Tru and Charlie Trotter's. I've heard some mixed things about the latter lately, and wonder if the atmosphere there is really what I'm looking for.

I'd love to hear opinions about the aforementioned restaurants, and any suggestions would certainly be welcome. Thanks!

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  1. I did Tru with my girlfriend, and it was pretty much the greatest dining experience of my life. Well, aside from the hit to my wallet -- about $325 for two people, and I think we would be on the low end -- but the service, food, and overall experience was phenomenal.

    1. Between TRU and Trotter's, i would pick TRU as well. The food and service is spot on. The room is gorgeous. You also have more options than just the degustation.

      Trotter's i haven't been to in a few years. I'm a stickler with interiors, and 3 years ago it was already looking very dated. Not sure if they have done any remodelling.

      1. between tru and charlie trotter's, i would definitely pick TRU. it's better food and ambiance. even though trotter's service is great, its space is uninspiring and its food out of balance