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Aug 29, 2009 01:22 PM

Decent non-stick?

I also will buy two pieces of non-stick as this is most practical for a few key dishes. What is the best non-stick out there?

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    1. re: jeffreyem

      That's crazy to pay the kind of money they want for those pans at Sur La Table.
      I got a set of 2 Wearever non-sticks like the ceramiguard one (maybe not exactly "ceramigard") for less than $20 at Costco. That was so many years ago that I can't even remember how long I've had them. Minimal scratching and they're still going strong.
      Wearever's non-sticks are great and the pans themselves are heavy.
      Similar ones are available at restaurant supply houses for $20 or so.

    2. Honestly I would not pay that much for a non stick . IT is true that some brands are better than others but in the end, non-stick has a limited lifespan and as long as you don't subject it to high heat, metal utensils and dishwashers even a less expensive pan will be fine. I have a Kitchen Aid Gourmet Essentials - bought it on a CI recommendation and it's been great so far, over a year. I once had an Ikea 365 non stick for 4 years which was great as well - can't think of any reason to spend money on a non stick. Save your money for the lifetime investment cookware pieces.

      1. The only non-stick I will spend any money on is Swiss Diamond. Every other brand has been destroyed by my adorable husband.

        Swiss Diamond is pricey but it's worth it. Unlike other nonstick, it isn't sprayed on, it's baked on. It can withstand metal tools and has a better weight than less expensive nonstick.

        It's actually worth the money.

        1. I'm the only one who ever uses it and never abuses it -- but my All-Clad 12" nonstick skillet performs as well today as when I bought it about nine years ago. My Circulon griddle is also magnificently even-heating and long-lasting.

          I use the All-Clad the most of any piece of cookware I have. I adore it.

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          1. re: dmd_kc

            Yay!!!! A great post. Exactly right.
            Buy decent quality. (Doesn't have to be pricey.)
            Take good care of it.
            Don't worry.

            Eat will. Live long. Love often. yeeeeeessss.

            1. re: dmd_kc

              Same here, I have couple of All Clad nonsticks, which I am very careful with in cooking, washing, storing, and the finish is still pretty much flawless. If you take good care of it, it will take good care of you. These skillets heat so much more evenly than inexpensive nonsticks I've owned.

            2. i really like the analon advanced. they are often on sale and are heavy- I use them for fish and am able to get a sear that I couldn't with other non stick.