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Aug 29, 2009 12:36 PM

New Asian Bistro (Jannie's).....Montgomery County

In Royersford in the Target Shopping Center.....

Jannie's has been open about 3 weeks now. My husband and I stopped in today to try it. The decor is beautiful. Zen simple but luxurious as well. It looks like a main line restaurant set down in our little burb.
The food is Asian/American. Our service was very good. The bar area looks like it could become very popular...... Very contemporary and clean.
We had salmon roll and sushi and Jannie's fried rice. All was very fresh and amazing.
We go out to dinner alot here, the main-line and Philly and Jannie's is right up there. I hope it becomes popular because it's just what this town needs.
Our next visit will be for the asparagus soup, more sushi, and Jannie's steak.
Also, order the orchid oolong tea.....wonderful light tea with hint of vanilla.

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  1. Have you been back? I've been keeping my eye on this place, hoping to try it soon. Is it kid-friendly? (Not neccessarily kiddie-menu, but will my toddler be glared at by others? We usually go for early dinners when she is in tow!)

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    1. re: becky315

      Did you try it? I've heard overpriced and small portions from some people while others have raved.

      1. re: isadorasmama

        We did go (with said toddler) and it was fine. I had basic chinese menu items (chix/broccoli) and it was tasty, but nothing special. My husband had sushi, can't remember what, but he was happy. I thought it was a bit better than chinese take-out, a little nicer inside as well, although there were people in sweats/sneakers too. The weird thing was that there were literally 4 different menus to choose from, like they can't decide if they want to focus on chinese, japanese, sushi, or all 3. It was a bit confusing trying to narrow it all down. We'd probably go again, just to give some other items a try... It's a nice break from take-out, chains, or a pizza joint.

        1. re: becky315

          Awesome! Does that one have a liquor license?

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Yup! And a large bar area w/ a few flat screens as well.

      2. re: becky315

        Hmm. I think there is a Jannie's in the same shopping center as the regal 22 in warrington. If you feel like driving that far, it is fairly kid friendly as lots of folks love to eat dinner there and then hit a movie. I like that Jannie's for another reason. They have really strong drinks, I usually get a zombie. My friend John ordered three drinks and he was staggering a bit as we walked to the movies after. If a double feature and lots of popcorn hadn't sobered him up I would have had to drive home. I went there for brunch on sunday awhile back, it was very pleasant, nothing amazing but all solid offerings.

        1. re: givemecarbs

          There are two Jannie's in the philadelphia area in addition to the new one noted above. Jannie at the corner of County Line Road and 611 in Warrington, and one in Northeast Philadelphia, at 2117 Cottman Avenue, (between the Blvd and Bustleton,( which to the best of my knowledge was the original one. They have been traditionally ok chinese food, some pedestrian sushi. A step up in you are comparing it to chinese restaurants, a step down if you are more interested in sushi.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Good to know, cwdonald.

            Mmmm. Zombies. Maybe it would be smarter to go for the drinks vs. the food!!