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Aug 29, 2009 12:33 PM

Rescuing dry pork tenderloin

I marinated and broiled some pork tenderloin and it turned out very dry, even though it was pink in the center. I still have leftovers and am racking my brain to figure out what I could do to the leftovers that would improve them. Any ideas??
( I have some homemade green chili sauce and some red chili sauce in the freezer and leftover corn and scallion pancakes that I served with the pork).

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  1. grind it up in a food pro or meat grinder and make a meat salad, not unlike a tuna salad. You can add some of your chili sauceto the meat to add moisture and roll it up in the scallion pancakes. Could also be part of a filling for spring roll or summer rolls.

    I have made chopped meat salad with left over roast beef but never done it with pork tenderloin. Don't see why it wouldn't work. Adding mayo would give it some moisture and fat which it might need. Along with the Asian flavors it could turn out not too bad.

    1. Slice it thin, heat it VERY slowly (covered; low heat) in a sauce to which you've added a little butter and slightly more liquid than usual. Test by trying to cut it with the side of a fork (outside tine) to determine when it's ready to serve.

      1. consider slicing it thin and serving it as a room temp appetizer with a sauce that includes sour cream, a little mayo, horseradish, and green herbs of choice.

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        1. Make a stew w/the leftovers. Add carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, green onion and a nice beef based gravy. Delicious!

          1. Thanks to everyone for the ideas. I sliced it thin and cooked it for awhile in the green chili. It was so good. I still have some which I will srve at room temperature as suggested- maybe in a sandwich??