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Best brunch in Providence?

Need *the best* brunch in Providence.

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  1. Venda for lunch very reasonable fresh and clean. or there are a couple of places on the Plaza there for lunch espically if the weather is nice. The city is the city not much there.

        1. I am tired of people trashing the city ALL the time. There is plent ythere if you get out of the rut your mindset is in...

          Seeing as how all the places listed below are in Providence, I consider them all part of the city. The city is not that big. These are all places I have gone to with great results.

          West Side:
          Loie Fuller


          East Side:

          Red Stripe
          Z Bar
          Amy's Cafe

          Liberty Elm

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            Have to strongly agree with basachs on both fronts, both the choices and on attitudes towards the city. I totally don't understand the first poster's attitude.

            That said, I think that Nick's, Julian's, and the Modern Diner in Pawtucket near the Providence line are kind of in a class all by themselves, with everyone else following. Nicks may actually be one of the the best brunches I've ever had.

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              I've been to Z Bar for both lunch and dinner (granted, not brunch) and the food there was always mediocre

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                They have surprisingly great pizza at Z.

            2. Nick's by far is the best brunch in Providence......Unfortunately there are only a handful of tables so you could be waiting for a table. if there is a long wait Julians is always good and it's right down the street.

              1. Nick's on Broadway is the best brunch place I've every been to anywhere, the only one I have ever felt was worth waiting in line for!

                1. I am going with the majority on this one. Nick's to my mind has the best brunch offerings in Prov. Fresh ,flavorful and generous. I like the beat of the place...very high energy...I always try to sit at the bar. Always a fun experience.

                  1. The absolute best brunch is either Brickways or Louie's, no fuss great food

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                      Really? While I think they both do a fair early morning meal, they don'treally compete with the others mentioned in this thread. They're both more breakfast joints (certainly enjoyable).

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                        While Brickway is no favorite of mine, Louie's is certainly an institution worthy of attention and praise. I'm often been surprised how little it is discussed on Chowhound. Perhaps it's because it's seen as the stereotypical student greasy spoon, but Louie's has the heart, soul and idiosyncrasy that push it into a special category of beloved institutions. Now, absolutely don't expect the sort of high-gloss experience one gets at Nick's, but do expect to get some serious diner-style grub at about 1/3 of the price. FOr what it is, it's terrific. Louies is, to me, the kind of place that Chowhound is all about.

                        Knowing how to order is especially important at Louie's, given the breadth of the offerings and even the occasional off-menu items. I could go on for a while, but a few basics: The fries are terrific, whereas the homefries are not (unless you manage to get them well-done, just right) so many folks prefer to sub fries on the breakfast plates. The Johnny toast is a great toast option, a yummy, dense marble rye that they bake in-house. The egg and cheese subs are terrific on grilled, chewy sub bread. I know the veggie bagel has a cult following. I for one love the Henry Hample sub (eggplant Florentine) with cheese. Good baked mac n cheese. I could go on and on, but exploring the expansive menu is just one of the charms…

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                          Like I said, I think Louis is okay, but it just doesn't totally do it for me. I'd rather spend my calories elsewhere. I gave 'em four years worth of shots.

                          1. re: invinotheresverde

                            Sure, your taste is your taste, horses for courses, etc... I'm just saying I think it deserves some respect, at least, as a unique, beloved, family-run, cheap eats spot. It's apples to oranges when compared to Nicks, and well worth the mention.

                            1. re: celeriac

                              Different strokes, of course. ;)

                              When I want a place like that, I usually hit the Modern, even though it's kind of dirty.

                              Another great brunch is Rasoi's vegan brunch on Sundays.