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Aug 29, 2009 09:52 AM

The Cotton Mill Restaurant was FAB!

After eating at the Cotton Mill Restaurant located in the lower portion of Brookstown Inn in Winston Salem, I am already planning to return. The food was OUTSTANDING. Great service, wonderful atmosphere, and fine dining. They have a great chef, and the food is delectable. I enjoyed the appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes with Havarti Cheese, and the Pecan Crusted Chicken with Roasted Vegetables. I don't know what they cooked those veggies with, but they were to die for. The chicken was great, but they serve so much, you will need a to go box. The
chicken was wonderful the day after too.

Since I am not related to anyone there, I think you will find the above to be more than true. You are missing a wonderful dining experience if you have not tried this restaurant.

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  1. When did you eat there? This restaurant closed several months (a year?) ago. Has it reopened?

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    1. re: bbqdawg

      We stayed at the Brookstown Inn last October and I thought the Cotton Mill was open (we obviously didn't dine there). I could be wrong, however.

      1. re: JayL

        You missed some really wonderful cusine. Hopefully you will get to dine there during your next visit to Winston Salem.

      2. re: bbqdawg

        I ate there on Thursday evening and again tonight. This is located in Winston Salem, in the bottom portion of Brookstown Inn. They have a great chef now, and you would enjoy the cusine.

        1. re: LadyRebel55

          It must have re-opened under new ownership. The original owners were the same as Sweet Potatoes. They closed it down a while back. I hope the new owner/chef does well.