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Aug 29, 2009 09:18 AM

The Little Pub ROCKS Ridgefield, CT

In the place of a tattered old antique shop now stands "The Little Pub" on the corner of Route 7 and Branchville Road (102). What a great addition to our little town. The experiece is wonderful. Small and cozy, this place is dripping with charm and life! There's a buzz, a soon as you walk in the door. The wait staff is friendly and efficient, the food simple, yet fresh and delishious. Try the lobster roll, the fish tacos and the nachos loaded with beed chili! This place is a home run!

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  1. ooh - lobster roll??? must be the new item the hostess hinted at when we were there last week! Okay, another good reason for a return visit (as if we needed one)! Thanks for letting us know (an inadvertent "spoiler" but glad for the update).

    fyi - we've been talking about it for weeks, here:

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. This place is AWESOME. Went last night with the wife and kids, and we had a truly great meal. Nachos were some of the best I've ever had, my roasted turkey wrap was so fresh and the turkey was extremely moist and tender. My wife's burger was really good. Patty was packed a little too tight for my liking, but the flavor was outstanding. The pulled pork was delicious, as were the sweet potato fries. Excellent service, from the bartender to the waitress. Wonderfully cozy and vibrant atmosphere, great bang for the buck...definitely a winner on all accounts. We cannot wait to go back.

      1. My wife and I went to the Little Pub this past Saturday night. The place was packed. We started with the Spinach and Artichoke dip. It was served with Tortilla chips, raw carrots and celery. The dip was very good. We saw a few people with the Nachos and they looked great but way too big for two people. Looked like enough for 4 or 5 people. It would be nice if they had a half order for a couple of bucks less. The price is not the issue but the size is.

        We both ordered a cheeseburger, medium. The burgers came out just as ordered. We will travel hours for a good burger. This was one time we should have stayed home. The burgers were bland. Absolutely no flavor at all and not a bit of juice even though it was cooked medium as ordered. The French fries were best described as dull. On top of that they have these tiny salt & pepper shakers, the ones with 3 tiny holes on top that are not large enough to let the salt or pepper through. You could shake for 10 minutes and still not get enough salt or pepper. It was not clogged, I checked.

        Back to the burger, all these restaurants need to realize that just because you are using a “fancy' meat (they say their meat is “ancona market naturally raised Montana beef seasoned with salt and pepper”)
        does not mean it is full of flavor. Neither of us detected salt or pepper and had difficulty adding our own. Sometimes you need to mix another cut of meat with it to add flavor or if you don't, then you need to add spices or liquid to add that flavor and juiciness to it.

        So, the burgers looked great but unfortunately had no taste at all. The appetizer was great and the service was equally as good. We will not be back to this place. We can get to Cherry Street East in New Canaan in the same amount of time and they have a great tasting burger.

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          Go to Bailey's Backyard...their Burgers are great and the fries too.

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            I know this is an old post but I just had to weigh in to tell you that I agree entirely with your burger assessment. Little Pub just opened in Greenwich and it's making a killing. Constantly packed. I've been several times now and the food just isn't special. The burger, which you'd think would be decent at a pub, is totally flavorless and bland, like you said. Oh well - another letdown in Greenwich.

          2. We stayed in Norwalk for a wake & funeral back in may and stopped in for a drink and snack. can't recall what we had but we all agreed that the cozy atmosphere and generous service were a nice respite in a sad weekend. in fact we enjoyed it so much i have a souvenier sticker on my fridge to remind me to seek them out when in CT.