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greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

Hi... I'm looking for bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast, on a plate for $5-8. not quality -- quantity! all day! any ideas?

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  1. Check out Tom's Family Restaurant at Queen & Ossington (about 1km west of Bathurst). It's a very inexpensive, slightly sketchy but decent quality place with typical Greek-style diner offerings (bacon & eggs, gyros, beer, pie...). You can definitely have a filling meal for less than $10.

    Tom's Family Restaurant
    996 Queen Street West

    1. Bellwoods Restaurant
      756 Queen St W

      huge, good, cheap breakfast. burgers are great too if you can handle the quantity.

        1. re: dimsumyum

          I second the Cowgirl! Yum. Great for those hangover mornings/afternoons. :-)

          1. re: JennaBean

            Cowgirl's a bit out of the $5-$8 range, though, isn't it?

            1. re: piccola

              not for a greasy breakfast or grilled cheese.

              1. re: JennaBean

                Good point. Shows I haven't ordered a grilled cheese in ages.

        2. If you don't mind walking a bit you could go to the Lakeview at Dundas and Ossington, or Mars at College and Bathurst

          1. thanks all... been to the bellwoods, liked it. haven't been to cowgirl in a while -- forgot about that! good rec. will check out the others one of these post-drinking mornings...

            1. The last olde school, all day greasy diner is Avenue Open Kitchen. Located on Camden just south of Queen/Spadina. About a five minute walk from Bathurst.
              Good luck with the grease!!!

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                The Barn! North side of queen, just west of Bathurst! Freakin' great greasy spoon, the DEFINITION of cheap eats and the food is great!

                1. re: locachef

                  this place has always intrigued me... so what is great about it? do they do eggs properly? most places never seem to get eggs right, especially scrambled. nice flat top skills? fresh simple ingredients?

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    I am a sunny side up kinda guy, and they're always done well. Typical sides ie. hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, toast. Very nice owners and staff as well. Comfortable place, but again, it's old school greasy spoon, nothing posh or trendy about it.

                    1. re: locachef

                      that's totally fine... sometimes all a girl wants is a plate of greasy potatoes, sausage and eggs!

                      just not stale potato, overcooked eggs and frozen sausages.

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        you've got it and it's really well priced, we're amazed out the prices sometimes. i think breakfast comes in under $6. give it a try!

              2. My favorite greasy spoon is Sneaky Dee's they make a great breakfast . . . their prices will easily fit your price range...They are just north @ Bathurst and College..


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                  i've been to sneaky dee's once and it was so disgusting i'll never go back... service was awful too. guy who sat down 20 minutes after me and ordered the same thing i did got his food 20 minutes before me

                  1. re: clamnectar

                    The key to Sneaky Dee's is to go there drunk, not hungover.

                    1. re: clamnectar

                      Hey Clamnectar,

                      That surprising to me . . . I have been to SD's many times over the years and although the food is not "gourmet" . . . I definitely would not categorize it as disgusting...What did you have that was so bad? . . . I find their homefries better than most and their "mexican" breakfast pretty good as well . . . And for an omelette w/ homefries and toast for 5.75 it's not bad ... their benny is only 6.25...as far as service goes I have yet to have a problem and have found most of their servers pleasant... during the week you can also get the daily breakfast special (11-4) which gives you 2 eggs, ham,bacon or sausage, homefries and toast for 3.25

                      As well...I have also been to most of the spoons listed above and I find for the money I keep heading back to SD's . . . Maybe it's me but I dig the place ...