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Aug 29, 2009 08:03 AM

Peter Lugar Steaks Delivered

I always wanted a Peter Lugar steak, Don't travel that much so I thought we would have some overnighted as a treat. Invited a couple of friends over. Heated up the grill, salt and cracked black pepper. Put them on a high heat for searing, about 6 minutes a side.
These steaks are 2'' thick and about 24 oz ea., turned the heat down and cooked them to a medium rare., I must say we were disappointed, I was expecting a more tender piece of meat, the taste was good, but not great.....I mean it was like any other steak.
Did I cook it the wrong way? It does say broil them. I am sure plenty of people out there
have been to Peter Lugars....Did I do something wrong, Is the meat that is shipped the same as in the restaurant? At $ 50.00 per did I expect too much?, oh yes they were strip steaks.

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  1. "oh yes they were strip steaks."
    there's your answer. Peter Luger is all about the porterhouse. period.

    and even if you *had* gotten the porterhouse, to remotely aproximate the Luger experience you would have had to coat it with a combination of butter & oil, and broil it.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Regardless of how you cook it, Lugars oven are a lot hotter than ovens in ones home.

      1. re: baldwinwood

        that's why i said "remotely approximate" - no chance of getting the same crust in a home oven.

    2. the statement that interests me is,"...they were like any other steak." if you routinely buy top quality strips, this makes perfect sense since i assume your mail order brides were tops, too. i know lugar's prides itself on hand-picking the best of the best, but the increments toward the top of the quality ladder get pretty small. if, contrarily, you usually buy supermarket choice steaks, i'd expect a perceptible difference with the brooklyn beef.

      there are lots of good steak grillers here, so others might disagree. when i cook a 2-inch strip i do not sear it on high for 6 plus 6. now, my high is high--lump charcoal fiercely hot in a big green egg--but i normally sear for 1.5 plus 1.5 (plus 1 on the fat edge) remove the steaks, dampen the fire to 350-400 and cook to rare over a tamer heat. i vary the lower heat time according to thickness, not the blast time. (i would not cook a rib-eye quite as hot at the outset.)

      1. I dunno, express. I lived on the North Shore for seven years, and used to go to PL's because my husband and ILs were crazy about it. I wasn't so much. Now, I like a NY Strip or a ribeye, so maybe goodhealthgourmet has the answer and it's just not the cut to get there. I didn't think it was BAD, by any means, but I never seemed to find the steak Nirvana there that everybody else seems to, and especially not at those prices.

        I always got a tender, flavorful steak at Smith & Wollensky, actually. We sometimes went to the one in Midtown, near St. Patrick's. But a lot of people laugh at me when I say I prefer S&W to PL, so you can't tell by me. :-)

        I'm sorry you were disappointed.