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Aug 29, 2009 07:59 AM

Vietnamese sandwich in Austin?

Just got back from Brooklyn where I had a few varieties of "Bon Mi" (sp?) Vietnamese sandwiches. I am now hooked. has anyone tried these in Austin? My one attempt at Triumph Cafe proved to be disappointing. To their credit, they did not call them Bon Mi.

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  1. There are a lot of options around Austin. My favorites are:

    Tam Deli, one of the older Vietnamese restaurants in town. on N Lamar.

    Thanh Nhi. Just up the road from Tam. The cheap prices and super friendly service are great. I like the pork paste spring rolls.

    Baguette House. In Chinatown on N Lamar and Braker. They bake their own bread.

    Other places include Pho Van and Cafe de Bella in the 183/Ohlen shopping center, Lily Sandwich in Chinatown, and Lulu B's, a trailer on S. Lamar.

    They're all so cheap, it's easy to try them all and pick your favorite!

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    1. re: brentwood

      OK, I went directly out to Baguette House and got the #6. It is kind of rockin' my world. It has lots of delicious pickled veggies, tender grilled pork and plenty of cilantro. But as you said, the baguette is the star. Oh yeah, it only cost $2.95. I am looking forward to trying the other suggestions. Many thanks.

      1. re: brentwood

        I have to say that Baguette house is #1 in my books with Cafe Bella a close 2nd.

        The bread at Baguette house is just superior and has that characteristic crunch. I am not sure if they use 1/2 rice flour like authentic Banh Mi do but I like their bread the best. Also like that they don't skimp on the vegetables but give it to you on the side.

        There are a few special items that I like getting elsewhere though, like for example the salt and pepper squid Banh Mi at Tam Deli.

        1. re: brentwood

          Cafe Bella isn't open anymore, but I would go with Bagutte House. There is something about their bread which makes their banh mi so delicious. They will actually sell their baguettes if they have any extras! I ask for extra "bo" (aka butter) in my sandwiches and then I think I am in heaven.

        2. gathblazer- as Brentwood says, you are in luck. Any one of those mentioned are good. I haven't tried Baguette House, but I'm sure that the bread is good. I know that Cafe de Bella makes their own charcuterie (or at least the family does). They get their bread from somewhere, and it tastes really good - the type of bread changes with the sandwich.

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          1. re: rudeboy

            I'll second Cafe de Bella. It's currently my favorite and I've tried Tam's, Baguette House and Pho Van.

            On a semi-related note, it always make me laugh to think of people paying $5 for Subway when you can get awesome sandwiches at any of the above places for about 3 dollars.

            1. re: ssouth

              Good lord, that is so true. I can only wish that I could get Bahn Mi for lunch.

              But I guess I should ask - are there any at all in the vicintiy of 620/183/Parmer?

            2. re: rudeboy

              I heard something about different breads with different sandwiches before (probably from you?), but I've tried 4 different kinds of sandwiches there over the past 2-5 months and I've always received the same bread no matter which sandwich.


              1. re: sqwertz

                You could have heard that from me.....I did notice that the bread was a bit sweet with one sandwich, and not sweet at all with another - biht of them having the same bite/consistency, though. I'll do more exploring to get better info.

                The worker there told me about the bread thing as well....

            3. i used to be a Tam Deli die hard, but Baguette House as me converted. They have so many more options, and their Bread is out of this world. You know they make good bread when they have a steady line of people going and out simply buying just the long baguettes. Try all the options they're all good. The number #1 is great and their vegetarian option is great too.

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              1. re: ChrisStein

                Cafe Bella is right across the street from work (been there, love them) and Tam is a quick car ride. Is it worth the extra drive to go all the way up to Baguette House with the other two so close?

                1. re: amysuehere

                  I went to Baguette House today, had the #1 (combination), and I must say it is very good. Only $3.25, too. I am by no means an expert, though. I've been to Cafe Bella once, Tam 3 times, Than Ni a handful of times. I too love their pork paste spring rolls.
                  My favorite sandwich thus far is still the fried shrimp at Tam, however I think Baguette House has the best bread. Soft inside, crunchy, but not too crunchy outside.
                  I bought a baguette for the road ($1.57) and it was still warm.
                  So, to summarize, it all depends. I think they are all very close in quality, with each having its own merits. It certainly is worth a trip just to see for yourself, especially if you have reason to go that far North. How's that for a non-commital answer?

                  1. re: amysuehere

                    I prefer Cafe De Bella to Baguette House. Cafe De Bella is very generous with the mayo and pate on the combo sandwich, and Baguette House is not. Baguette House's bread is very good though.

                    1. re: verily

                      I just did a taste test between Baguette House (combination #1) and Tam Deli (S&P shrimp). Based on my memory, I actually like the bread at Cafe de Bella better than both of these sandwiches. They are all great, though. I like how the Baguette House gives you the veggies on the side......I got an extra Baguette for later - it was only $1.45. The bread at Cafe de Bella is made "somewhere" and they have it shipped in. There's a toothsome chewyness that I favor, and for some of the sandwiches, the bread is slightly sweet.

                      Of course, you can get cut up on N Lamar.

                2. resurrecting this thread to report a very good sandwich at T and N cafe on West Wm. Cannon.
                  This is in the little strip center where Wm. Cannon and 290 West meet.
                  I had the combo, which was loaded with all the usual stuff (grilled pork, pork paste, pork loaf plus lots of jalepenos, cuke, cilantro, carrots, etc.)
                  The bread was very good, crunchy outside, soft inside.
                  I haven't been here in a couple of years, because last time it was so-so, but based on last night, I'm going back.
                  BTW, the standard sandwich was 3.99, combo was 4.99.

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                  1. re: TroyTempest

                    i concur. T&N's tofu bahn mi with a coconut water is fantastic

                    T&N Cafe
                    6705 US Highway 290 W, Oak Hill, TX 78735

                    1. re: NirvRush

                      Tam Deli

                      #14 (grilled pork sandwich)

                      and the 1C spring rolls

                      Tam Deli & Cafe
                      8222 N Lamar Blvd Ste D33, Austin, TX 78753

                      1. re: bloody hammer

                        I guess I'm the sole lover of Tahn Mi for Bahn Mi? I see props for the spring rolls, but I really love their bahn mi the best of all I've had. I need to go back and try Baguette House again. Awesome bread, but I got the combo sandwich the first time and didn't love it. I'll try it again with just roast pork.

                        Baguette House & Cafe
                        10901 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753