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Aug 29, 2009 07:43 AM

Parents coming to Philly to visit

I've just moved to the Roxborough area of Philly. My parents are coming to visit to check out the area. Where are some good places I can take them to eat that don't cost a fortune? Not cheap either, good. My mother would like to try great Italian. Neither one of them are into Chinese or Thai or anything like that. Just solid good food. Maybe something unique. Basically where would you take a tourist to show off Philly?

Since I just moved here I have no idea where to go.

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  1. For great Italian that doesn't cost a fortune, try one of our great BYOBs in Center City: Caffe Casta Diva or Bronzino might be my picks for the nice atmosphere for the folks as well as excellent food.

    1. The last time my parents came to the city I took them to Upstares at Varelli's at 231 S Broad Street. It was nice to walk along the Avenue of the Arts and the restaurant itself has a great view. The food and service were very nice.

      1. I don't know where you live, but if you don't mind getting out of CC you might try Tre Scalini (BYO) or Le Virtu on E Passyunk for very good Italian. Prices are mid range, meat entrees $20-25 or so, pastas cheaper. Strolling down the avenue can be fun. I assume you'll be showing them around downtown, so a different neighborhood might be refreshing.

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          The suggestions by barryg in South Philly have another advantage; you can find street parking.
          Town can be fun if you don't mind garage parking. Our preference would be for Branzino; lovely ambience, very good food, and quiet enough to talk. It's on 17th St., just north of Spruce.
          The problem with Casta Diva lately has been the noise level.
          These places are all BYOB, so you need to bring your own wine. This is very much a Philly thing, and it keeps the cost down, too.

        2. Old standard southern red-Ralph's, greens and eggplant parmigiana are perfect for me
          New cleverer -Modo Mio, great BYOB, and very inexpensive

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            awesome, thanks for these suggestions! We live in Roxborough area, they are from Texas. Willing to go just about anywhere that will feel like "philly" to them lol. Just wanted things you can't find in Texas.

            Has anyone been to Dante and Luigi's? My brother in law keeps recommending it but nobody ever mentions it.