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Aug 29, 2009 07:33 AM

Under The Moon Now Open On Sundays Starting Sept 13

Talking to Chef Santi and Mama last night we learned that Under The Moon will be open on Sundays (previously closed on Sundays) starting Sunday September 13. Hours are to be finalized but look to be 4:00PM to 8:00PM making it perfect for a nice early supper or normal dinner.

Oh, dinner last night as good as ever. DW had a large slab of salmon encrusted with coconut sitting on coconut jasmin rice topped with peach chutney and decorated with onion drizzles.
I had the meatloaf made by Mama herself, a large mound stuffed with bacon, whole egg, cheese, peppers and topped with a fresh chopped tomato sauce. Came with a side of nicely seasoned smashed potatoes.
Both entrees were distinct in flavors and we took home enough for a nice lunch tomorrow.
We shared an old favorite, the richest, most chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream that you can imagine. Its simply the best chocolate mousse I have tasted.

So if your in the Bordentown NJ area on a Sunday, starting Sept. 13, and your feeling hungry, stop in and give UTM a try.

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  1. Toms - Sounds like a great meal (especially the chocolate mousse). Much better than what we experienced at D'Jeet. My regards.

    1. No, we didn't go on Sunday but dinner Friday was a treat. Two new entrees, talk about versatility, UTM has it.
      DW had Chicken and Broccoli Francaise which was light and perfectly prepared. What made it special was the entree was served over a delicious creamy Lemon Pepper Risotto. Our daughter, down the next day heated up the leftover and commented "who made that awesome risotto".
      I had the Drunken Beef and Lamb Irish Stew which was braised with Guinness stout. Also came with carrots and greens mixed in and served over Red Bliss Smashed potatoes. Hit the spot comfort food as Friday night was rainy and dank.
      A simple but tasty dessert was a homemade fudge brownie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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        Hubby and I had dinner at UTM was empty when we arrived around 6pm.
        He had the Chicken Francaise with Lemon Risotto which he really enjoyed. I tasted the risotto and it was delicious, very creamy. I had Chicken Rolanda, which was boneless chicken breast with a filling of sun dried tomato and goat cheese, topped with pesto and sauteed diced apple, served over roasted potato slices. I wasn't sure about the combo of apple and pesto, the apple was very sweet...but somehow it worked. The goat cheese wasn't very prominent in with all the other flavors, but it added some moistness to the filling. We shared a piece of warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was described as a brownie, but seemed more like cake, it was very good.

        1. re: BeeZee

          BeeZee, good to hear you had a nice dinner. That Risotto with the Chicken Francaise was one tasty dish.

      2. Can't say enough great things about this place, and am blessed to live walking distance! Tom: we have to meet up there again soon! We haven't seen you guys in so long!

        Rumor has it some big things could be happening for UTM, so keep your fingers crossed for them! -mJ

        1. We arrived at 8:00PM without a reservation and were lucky that a table had just left. Looking over the diverse menu I noticed that the Ahi Tuna which is a mainstay had a different preparation but I'm getting ahead of myself.

          The soup last night was potato leek with bacon. I honestly can't descibe how good that was. A large bowl, it easily was enough for two.
          The "winter" type soups here are incredible.
          For entrees DW had the same salmon dish as last time, she enjoyed it that much. I had the rare Ahi Tuna over creamy ginger risotto with a soy based Asian style sauce. I enjoyed the previous preparation over infused mashed potato's but this was excellent and a nice change.
          Shared a hunk of pumpkin bread pudding with whipped cream for dessert which was a nice ending.
          Service as always was friendly and helpful. Our 2005 Carlisle syrah didn't go with either entree but it sure tasted good :)