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Aug 29, 2009 06:43 AM

Frankie Fed's ~ Freehold

I finally made it to this place yesterday for lunch with my husband. I was very pleased with out pie. We had the red clam sauce pie and it was delish! Great amount of garlic and I really like that thin crust!

Just thought I would post it here because it is so close to home for me! As much as I love Denino's in Aberdeen, Frankie Fed's is soooo much closer and just as tasty!


Our waitress was sweet as pie, too! I think her name was Julie.

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  1. I've posted a few times about my love for this place. Their sausage pie and also their house made creamy italian salad dressing are as good as any I've ever had,

    But, as I've said before, pizza is in the eye of the beholder. So while I 'm glad you feel the same way about FF, and I'm glad they deliver to my house, I've stopped trying to convert anyone to agreeing with me.

    1. Though I haven't been to Frankie Fed's, it doesn't surprise me that the pizza is so good since the owner is related to Frederici's, which has very good thin crust pizza. But seal is right. Pizza lovers tend to be very intense regarding their preferred style, as well as being partial to particular pizza joints, so persuading them to change their minds can be a fruitless effort. It boils down to "chacun à son goût."


        Ironcially I posted this just now on a different thread. We had a white clam pie and it was awesome.

        1. Some pictures of Frankie Feds for those who may travel to try this pizza.