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Aug 29, 2009 04:31 AM

Just Moved to LIC: What's Good?


I recently moved to the LIC Waterfront area and was wondering what's good to eat around here. I've been to Tournesol, which was great and was wondering what else I might be missing on Vernon or surrounding areas. Will travel for something great.

Also, any old school Mom and Pop places that I must try? Like a staple that's been around for 100 years? ie: Manducati? Thanks

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  1. The Clam House is definitely old school (tell them it's your birthday, and you'll see!)

    Cafe Henri has great breakfasts/brunches and early reports on Iwahan (upscale Filipino) are promising. Lounge 47 is good for late night bar food.

    Otherwise the 7 train is your ticket to noshing paradise

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      You mean the Crab House. Despite its many failings, I was always fond of the place for the location and the kitsch.

      Went last week for the first time since the fire and it was absolutely awful. I am sad.

      1. re: pothead

        You're right, Crab House (or Waterfront Crab House, per my notes). Had Old Clam House (San Francisco) stuck in my mind.

    2. Ditto Cafe Henri. Crepes are light and perfect. My favorite brunch spot. Service can be a little harried at times. Blend used to have a great brunch, but I feel like their quality/consistency has really taken a nosedive.

      Sweetleaf is a great spot for community feel and a great cup of coffee. LIC Bar is the chillest spot for a beer and free live music. The pizza at Belle Via is better than Manducatis. Papo's doesn't have bad chicken. Lounge 47 has a very unremarkable menu, as does Dominie's. I had one meal at Riverview and was actually quite pleasantly surprised. The bar staff there is good too.

      1. Oh, and of course, you need to visit Dutch Kills for a cocktail and live jazz.

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        1. re: middyboo

          Anyone know if there is any music listing anywhere for Dutch Kills? I don't live far (Sunnyside) but it's still out of the way so I'd like to plan my visit.

        2. La Vuelta and Bella Via are strong. Manducatis and Da Gianni are solid Italian choices.