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Aug 29, 2009 01:54 AM

Need help culling choices for a foodies week in DC


Heading to USA for 4 weeks from Australia

A week each in San Fran and DC, and 2 weeks in NYC

Have done a fair amount of reading and now have the problem of too many choices, which I am looking to the combined wisom of chowhound readers to assist me in culling it down somewhat..

For those of you that want some extra work, have a look at my other posts in San Fran and NY forums to see what is a duplicate of sorts, and which is better in DC :)

San Fran :
NY :

Anyway heres my DC list atm.....

Black Salt Fish Market
Granville Moore's Brickyard
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana
HH Lenards
Tabard Inn
Cafe Atlantico
Cantlers Riverside Inn
Ben's Chilli Bowl
Eastern market
Central Michel Richard
Tosca Ristorante
Charlie Palmer Steak house
El Pollo Rico
Market Lunch

Have made up a holiday google maps to try and plan a few things


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  1. Big thumbs up to Courduroy and Tosca; I wasn't a fan of Citronelle, I've heard very good things about Marcel's, minibar, and Komi.

    1. I would add Kincade's, 2941, La Chaumiere in Georgetown and, if you're in Annapolis, Hell Point. Also, right down 7th Street from Eastern Market is Montmarte, a very pleasant French bistro.

      Be warned, you won't get the magnificently fresh seafood you're used to in Australia and we don't have Mudcrab but, the seafood's still pretty decent.

      And, if you want a taste of genuine mid-Atlantic hard shell crabs, try Bethesda Crab House. This is not fancy. It's a sleeves up, beer drinking, crab ripping feast. VERY casual and a real treat.

      Don't know if they have Private Message (PM) capability on this site but, if they do, send me your email address and I'll email you a copy of my guide to New York.

      1. Granville Moore's is really good, but in a dodgy neighborhood (hey I lived there for 20 years). Don't walk there at night. Oyamel is great. Try the tacos otherwise it could get pricey and you'll still be hungry. You don't need to have the cricket tacos there if you don't want to. Try something with mole' or pipian sauce. Go to the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. Eammons is just okay. Alexandria is a nice place, but Eammons is not worth a special trip. If you are in Old Town Alexandria, try Majestic. The Market Lunch is good (closed on Mondays as is the rest of the market). At lunch, try the crab cakes. At breakfast, go for the pancakes. Nearby at Eastern Market, there is a good espresso place, Peregrine. Try crabcakes. Try Ethiopian food. Try Meso-American food, including Salvadoran pupusas, tacos, etc. Brasserie Beck is also a good place to go to and is owned by the owner of Marcel's, who also has a place in Alexandria, called Brabo.

        1. For Komi and MiniBar (start attempting to get a reservation NOW) it will be a matter of what you can get into. Add Ray's Hell Burger to the list and go there along with El Pollo Rico and Cantler's. For Volt it's Table 21 and you should also add Teatro Goldoni's Chef's Table (ONLY the Chef's Table). These last two will equal the best of New York and San Francisco (Per Se/Danko) with Komi only a short step behind. Include Black Salt (or Kinkead's). Also add Vidalia and Baltimore's Charleston. Go to Charleston-it is superb. Bourbon Steak or the Prime Rib instead of Charlie Palmer's.

          Day 1 Central lunch/Komi or MiniBar dinner
          Day 2 El Pollo Rico lunch/Black Salt or Kinkead's dinner
          Day 3 Ray's Hell Burger lunch/Teatro Goldoni Chef's Table dinner/Volt Table 21
          Day 4 Lexington Market (Balt.) or Bill's Terrace Inn for crabs/Charleston dinner (the Inner Harbor is fantastic)
          Day 5 Ben's Chili Bowl/Bourbon Steak (or The Prime Rib)
          Day 6 Proof lunch/Vidalia dinner
          Day 7 Narrows (Kent Island and Maryland's best crab cake and cream of crab soup)lunch/Cantler's Riverside Inn for "dinner" (two + hours of crab eating; especially interesting if you also go to Baltimore's Bill's) with Annapolis for the day.

          To cassidyM: are you serious that you can't get exquisitely fresh seafood here? Crabs are boiled live. Have you tried some of the Korean restaurants? Black Salt? The Maine Avenue wharf? Seafood here is much more than "pretty decent."

          1. You need to eat at Palena in Cleveland Park. Chef Frank Ruta is one of the best.

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              Having not lived in DC for a few years, my first tier restaurants would have been:
              Palena, Obelisk, Taberna Del Alabardero, Dino (super casual - awesome food and wine list)