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Aug 29, 2009 01:34 AM

NY for two weeks - help me cull my choices pls...


Heading to USA for four weeks in October - from Australia. About a week in San Fran and Washington DC (will be similar question in the associated forums for them also) each, and the remainding two weeks in New York......

Have done a fair amount of reading and now have a problem of too much choice !

Which I now come looking to to the combined wisdom of Manhattan Chowhound readers to help me solve my dilemma......

Can you please look at the below list and suggest what could perhaps could be passed this time around. Or if you really want to be devilish - what have I left out?

Note theire is a few catagories, not only restuarants but cafes and stores...

Or if you really like some sleuth work, read the posts I will be posting on the San Fran and Washington DC forums, to see where duplicates of places that I may go to in those cities...

San Fran :
DC :

Katz Delicatessan
Dean & Deluca
Chelsea market
Sushia Yasada
WD 50
Murray's Cheese
Essex Street market
Di Palo Fine Foods
Keens Steak House
Rainbow Room?
Gramercy park Hotel
New Leaf Cafe
Central Park Boathouse
11 Madison park
Per Se
Clinton St Bakery
Blue Hill
Pommes Frites
Once Upon a Tart
Joe the Art of Cofee
Momofuku Ssam Bar
Kobe Club
Peanut Butter & Co
Balthazar Bakery
Momofuko Ko
Russ & Daughters
Jean Georges
Jacques Torres Chocolate
Momofuku Bakery
barney Greengrass
Grand Central Oyster bar
Di fara Pizzaria
The City bakery
Bowery Kitchen Supply equipment
Broadway Panhandler
Ninth Street Expresso
Boathouse Cafe in Central Park

See way too many.... :


Have been working on a google Maps list too...


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  1. I'll try to help some

    Katz Delicatessen - Yes
    Dean & Deluca - No good reason to go there, in my opinion. Overpriced and not that good.

    Zabar's - Why not, if you're up there, but not on a weekend, when it's like a football game. Look at the pots, pans, etc. on the 2nd floor.

    Murray's Cheese - visit it as part of your walk around the Village

    Essex Street market - Sure, if you're walking past, anyway. Not sure there's a really important reason for you to go there, otherwise, though some hounds have favorite venders there. It's a pretty small though at least passingly interesting market.

    Di Palo Fine Foods - Worth going to

    Rainbow Room? - Private parties only, I believe

    Degustation - I had a wonderful dinner there in March. It has its detractors, but I do believe that most hounds who've been there have spoken positively about the food and wine.

    Chikalicious - I enjoyed a three-course dessert there years ago a lot, but not enough for me to have gone back. I more recently had a very good cupcake and a glass of wine at their more informal Dessert Club across the street, but I think Momofuku Milk Bar is better for non-sit-down desserts.

    Kyotofu - The first time I went there, I found the desserts weird; the second time, good. It depends what you order and what you're in the mood for. Tofu desserts can be strange, though.

    Momofuku Ssam Bar - Yes

    Balthazar Bakery - I like the brasserie. Do you propose to get croissants to go or something?

    Ippudo - It gets a lot of love here, but I found the Ukamaru Modern way too aggressively fatty to deal with and haven't been back. So it really depends on your fat tolerance, among other things.

    Jean Georges - go for lunch.

    Jacques Torres Chocolate - I enjoy the place, but purely for artisanal chocolates, I recommend Kee's. You can hit both on the same afternoon, though; they're within walking distance of each other.

    Momofuku Bakery - Yes, the aforementioned Milk Bar

    Di fara Pizzaria - depends whether you want to wait for 2 hours and spend $5 per slice. I no longer will.

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    1. re: Pan

      I second the lunch at Jean Georges! When I went to NY last year, my lunch at Jean Georges wound up trumping my dinners at Del Posto and Le Bernardin! It's definitely a good value (for a 3-star michelin restaurant anyway) with their 2 courses for $28. Make sure you also sample some of Johnny Iuzzini's's not included in the 2 courses and have to pay extra but it's soooo worth it!

      1. re: arlenemae

        The price for the two-course lunch has gone up slightly to $29. $14.50 for each additional course. Desserts are still $8 each.

      2. re: Pan

        Pan, do you find Minca ramen too fatty? I like their noodles and the meat, but I can't drink much of the broth there.

        For the OP:
        Katz Delicatessan - I prefer 2nd Ave Deli overall, just my opinion.

        Dean & Deluca - not worth a special stop

        Chelsea market - also not worth a special stop but L'Arte de Gelato is decent.


        Essex Street market - anoter that's not worth a special stop

        Di Palo Fine Foods - great for picnics. get some sliced meat, cheese, and bread. i am fond of their flatbread. Take it to Central Park or Battery Park for a nice view. Much better than eating at Central Park Boathouse which is overpriced and not tasty, but with a nice view. Skip it and go rowing instead :)

        Central Park Boathouse - see above

        11 Madison park - if you can get a reservation, it's considered amongst the top in Manhattan

        Pommes Frites - get the mango mayor chutney. Can easily be a meal just by itself. Skip the poutine.

        Once Upon a Tart - decent, but there are better bakeries.

        Joe the Art of Cofee - they carry donut plant donuts if you are interested.

        Balthazar Bakery - chocolate donuts.

        Ippudo - overpriced but tasty ramen in a dramatic setting. whether it's worth the wait is debatable.

        Jean Georges - ditto the lunch. very very worthwhile, and memorable. if you decide against getting dessert, know that there are gratis marshmellows and assorted small delicacies.

        Jacques Torres Chocolate - one month, the flourless chocolate torte was the best thing I ate that month. But if you are seeking individual chocolates, Kee's choclates rule.

        Momofuku Bakery - I find this place overhyped.

        Bowery Kitchen Supply equipment - good deals can be had. Make sure you have lots of room in your luggage though :)

        1. re: windycity

          I liked Minca several years ago, shortly after it opened. I haven't been there for quite some time and have lately been avoiding ramen. I prefer to get healthier Cantonese noodle soups or go for soba.

          As for delis, yes, 2nd Av. Deli has a deeper menu and some very good items, but nothing on the level of Katz's pastrami. Also, its prices can be punishingly expensive, such as on their tongue sandwiches, which are very good but not worth the price to me.

          1. re: windycity

            Hmm nice a picnic sounds lke a great Idea.

            The GF will love it

            TY WindyCIty !


        2. Zabar's is a classic NY experince -- but more of an experience.

          WD 50 - hit or miss, but great desserts.

          11 Madisson - yes.

          Per Se - I hear it is better than TFL.

          Blue Hill - yes

          Jean Georges - yes

          Daniel - excellent as well, but prefer J-G

          1. absolute yes to these:

            Katz Delicatessan - IMO best pastrami anywhere
            Sushia Yasada - great traditional sushi, and a funny sushi chef too - pricey yum
            WD 50 - delicious and whimsical. worth every penny, one of the best ive had this year
            Murray's Cheese - not a place to eat, but a damn fine selection
            (try artisinal for a cheese restaurant)
            Keens Steak House: mutton chop
            Degustation: I love this place. used to go w/ the ex. i miss it. need to go back
            Tailor:one of NYC's most underrated places, great food and cocktails
            Momofuku Ssam Bar: personal fave. pork buns pork buns pork buns
            Ippudo - great ramen. double the cost of other's and overly hyped but damned good
            Russ & Daughters - no place to sit, great smoked fish &tc

            1. You have to try the original John's pizzeria in the west village if ur in NY

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                1. re: thew

                  You do have to at least get SOME NY pizza while you are here. Its really what NY does best. If you're feeling lazy and can't make it to Di Fara, try something in the East or West Village, Soho or Chelsea, since it seems like you'll be spending a lot of time down here. I don't want to turn this into another pizza debate, but I have recently enjoyed: Co. (Company), Keste (don't get anything that sounds too wet), Gnocco (very thin crust though), Lasso and Lil Frankies. Artichoke is good for what it is, but I don't think of it as the best example of NY pizza (grab a slice if you are walking by and the line isn't around the block). I actually don't think John's or Lombardi's or Patsy's are at all bad, though they get pretty beaten up around here. You're going for the history at those places.

                  1. re: _emilie_

                    What did you like at L'Asso? I went once with a friend, was very underwhelmed, and don't plan on returning. Also, the problem with thin crust is...? :-)

                    1. re: Pan

                      No problem with thin crust at all -- just wanted to point it out as being a little different from the others listed.

                      At L'asso, I've enjoyed their brunch pizza (with egg and crisped prosciutto -- its filling!), as well as the prosciutto + arugula one (oh man and I a sucker for that on pizza anywhere) and truffle one with smoked mozzarella. The latter was not as good as the truffle pizza at Gnocco though. L'asso's crust is not at the level of say Co. or Keste, but it's good enough for me (it's perhaps marginally better than Lil Frankies, although I do love Lil Frankies, and I think I'd take their prosciutto/arugula over L'asso's, but I can't really explain why).

                      Basically, I find nothing wrong with L'asso, its close enough to my neighborhood, and if you are walking around Nolita with a pizza craving, I do think its probably a better experience than Lombardis with all the tourists.

                      1. re: _emilie_

                        Well, I don't like Lombardi's and definitely don't relate to the value of people waiting on line to get in there. Thanks for your take on L'Asso and some other places. Sounds like I should go back to Gnocco for the truffle pizza. I haven't been there in years.

              1. It would really help with suggestions if you could give us a better idea of just what you're looking for: places for a full meal, a snack or places to buy food and food related items. Many of the places on your list- Dean and Deluca, Murray's, Chelsea market, zabars Citarella and a few others are retail stores only (although Zabar's does have a small sit-down place adjacent to the store, but certainly not a destination in itself. Are you looking to buy food to bring back to your hotel, food to take back home.
                Also It's hard from your list to get a sense of your fioid preferences, price range and how far your want to travel (For example, Di Fara is in Brooklyn and depending on where you're staying it could take you 45 minutes or more to get to. Other very good pizza places like Artichoke on 14th St. may be better for you. FYI John's in the west village IMO is more of a tourist lure and sadly not what it once was. I also wonder if you choose some of the places on your list on the basis of one dish that appealed to you. I don't know how else to account for Peanut Butter and Co and Kobe Club, neither of which would get many recs from this board.

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                1. re: Ann900

                  As proof of the tepid interest in Kobe Club on this board, no one even noted that it's closed anyway.... one less item on the list to worry about.

                  1. re: Ann900

                    Unfortuantely I'm dont really have any specifics. Open to anythign really, whether its high end or soem really good street food (been reading interesting things about your trucks recently)

                    Where possible do have a bit of a bias towards 'event' dining as somethign I can remeber etc when it gets mentioned - hence the upper range places etc..

                    I think the girlfrind chosse the Peanut Butter Co *hehehe*, I think she was looking over my shoulder when we were looking at other people foodie lists on google maps....

                    Do love good a good coffee cafe though

                    For your ref have been doing most searching on the web, these forums, egullet, nymag, nytimes, and even seeing the occasional tv show here

                    Happy to stay away from the tourist traps, alhtough I got to visit some of them - even Katz is known down under ! :)


                    1. re: Blacken

                      FYI Katz's may be known far and wide, but is by no means a touristy place. It certainly would be on any list of essential New York dining experiences. Some of the best pastrami on the planet.
                      If you are interested in what you term event dining, I sugtest you narrow your choices ASAP. Most of these places require reservation a mionth in advance and fill up fast.
                      Eleven Madison Park, Sushi Yasuda, Blue Hill and Daniel would be in that category, particularly at that time of the year.

                      1. re: Blacken

                        Hey, Blacken,

                        While there are "tourist traps," which locals avoid like the proverbial plague, you must distinguish between them and *famous* restaurants which are not in any way, shape, or , form "tourist traps." At those places, locals are happy to dine alongside tourists. Obviously, Katz's falls into the latter category. It's all about the pastrami and defnitely not to be missed!

                        Since you are going to Katz's, you might want to consider taking my famous self-guided Lower East Side noshing tour. Katz's is the first stop. Here's the link: