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Aug 28, 2009 11:39 PM

Dosa Truck?

Any experiences? I've head and read tepid reviews but would be excited to try it.

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  1. I haven't tried the Dosa Truck yet, but there's also INDIA JONES (http://www.twitter.com/indiajonesct) which is another truck that serves Indian street food.

    He even types his tweets with proper punctuation!

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      Yeah, the Dosa Truck's twitter was so awfully written, it gave me a stupidity headache.

    2. One thing that I think is missing with this new wave of trucks is the low prices. If I'm going to pay restaurant-prices for restaurant-quality food, I'm going to want a place to park my behind while I eat. Otherwise I might as well just go to a restaurant. (I hear we have a few of those in this town.)

      That said, no, I haven't tried the dosa truck. If I can fill up for $4-5 then maybe I will; otherwise I'll skip it and head down to Jasmine.

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        Had a Masala Dosa and a drink and it was around $10. Does seem high when there is no place to sit and MD at most Indian restaurants isn't that expensive. It was almost more like a burrito than a masala dosa. Not bad, but not that great.

        Skip it and go to Jasmine which is much better.

        I must say that I really think that these "new wave" trucks have really jumped the shark. There are a couple of good ones but now the imitators are more "high concept" than worrying about the food. Taco trucks work because tacos are cheap and portable. Plus, you are grilling meat and putting it on a tortilla. Sushi truck? Doesn't sound good on a variety of levels. I really want to try the Banh Mi truck but they really seem more focused on their image and what stars are eating there than the food. I"ll reserve judgement until I try it and see how much a Banh Mi is.

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          Well the India Jones truck has something called Frankies (i'd never heard the term, but maybe it's a thing...?) which seemed like an Indian wrap for $3 - I got a chicken one and a paratha one and it was good - and very portable. Garlic Nann was a $1

          But some of the other stuff. is.. less portable(butter chicken& rice, the currys and rice....)

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            Tried the India Jones truck last night at Bluebird in Culver City and really enjoyed it. No idea if Frankies are a normal thing or the latest version of the "lets make tacos weird" craze sweeping the city but the two I had were quite good and reasonable at about $3 each I think. Picked up a bunch of stuff to try out and thought overall it was quite good. Only misstep was the samosa spring rolls which were a little too heavily fried for me.

            The bonus was the Bluebird patio which is actually quite nice and getting truck food to eat at the tables out there definitely beat out sitting on a street corner. All in all, especially considering it was a truck, it was an enjoyable meal in a nice environment with pretty cheap prices and I'd go back again. Didn't seem like there was a lot of people so I'd love to see them get more attention for it so it continues.

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              If the "frankies" were taco-, rather than burrito-sized, they've been "reconcepted", and the $3 price suggests that they have been. "Frankies", and particularly, the LAMB frankie, have been around LA as comparatively-cheap-but-good-gringo-friendly Indian food ('cause they could say "It's like a burrito, but Indian!") for a decade or more.

              Gotta say, these "truck-dosa prices" sound significantly higher than ISS, where you can actually sit down. You don't get to sit in a very FANCY place, but you do actually get to sit down, and Los Feliz even has a parking lot!

              r gould-saltman

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                I agree... India Jones truck at blue bird is idea... blue bird also serves booze to go with your Parathas...


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                  Do you know if they are regularly at the Bluebird? I live on the westside, and have been meaning to try this truck, but everytime I've looked, they've been in Hollywood.

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                    They were probably halfway between taco and burrito size. Good to know it's a common thing. I'll have to try more.

                    Bluebird thing is Thursday nights, I think 6 to 9 or so.

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                      They are regulars thursday night 6-9 pm

              2. I tried it a few weeks ago. Having no idea what to expect, I didn't think $6 sounded too bad for a full dosa! But um ... no, it's not a full dosa, not at all. It's about a quarter the size of a real dosa, probably equal to the amount of food in one and a half tacos. As soon as she handed it to me I was pretty disappointed about the size which sort of tainted the whole experience, especially since there was no one buying either before or after I got there so I couldn't spy what other people were being handed.

                The quality of the food itself was pretty good. The dosa had nice crispness and chewiness and flavor, and the curry potato and chutney filling was tasty. But for $6? Um, no. That should have been $4 at most. For $6 it should have been significantly larger. One isn't nearly enough, but it's not like I'm going to spend $12 for two of them.

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                  You can get the same thing at India Sweest & Spices for half the price and it's a full size dosa! I am sorry but that's way too mcuh money for truck food.