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Aug 28, 2009 10:01 PM

Top Ten in Dallas?

Greetings Chowhounds - I would like your opinions please. What do you consider the top ten restaurants in Dallas? I am about to embark on a cuisine oddysey and would like to visit the best restaurants in Dallas. List your favorites - 10, 5, 12 it doesn't really matter - just want to know which ones you consider the best of the best.

Thanks and happy dining!

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  1. Do you have any restrictions to this? My top ten isn't going to feature anything in Uptown so it will be quite different. So I want to get your guidelines for this before we all start chiming in.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      No restrictions at all - as a matter of fact the more unknown the better in my opinion...I love funky, hole-in-the wall places!! And there is no food I won't at try, so anything goes!! I used to take a vacation a month - albeit often just a long weekend - but in this economy I have been forced to scale it down. I have decided this is my new 'vacation' - 4 restaurants a month that I have never tried!

    2. And my top 10 would have a lot of hole-in-the-wall ethnic places. Are you looking for fine dining only?

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      1. re: Carrollton Foodie

        No not at all - love, love, love hole-in-the-wall ethnic places! Don't get me wrong, I love fine dining too -- but this is an odyssey so anything goes!!

        Thanks so much!!

      2. Rosewood Mansion, French Room, Nana, Aurora, York St, Bijuoux, Abacus, Craft, Stephen Pyles and Fearings FTW!

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          1. re: nakina

            Lola - fine dining (closing soon)
            Yutaka - sushi
            Wingfield's - burger
            Jasmine Thai
            Ali Baba - Mediterranean (lunch buffet)
            Kirin Court - Sunday dim sum
            Taqueria El Fuego - Mex-Mex
            Lito's - Mex-Mex
            Pho Bac - Viet
            Jimmy's - Sandwiches
            Empire Baking Co

            In FTW:

            Lanny's - fine dining
            Railhead Smokehouse - BBQ

            1. re: amokscience

              YUM! These all sound great...thank you so much for the diversity!! They are going on my list.

                1. re: amokscience

                  Ali Baba is a great lunch buffet - so satisfying!

                  Ali Baba Cafe
                  1901 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214

            2. Not a list fan, so many wonderful places get snubbed for the wrong reason. But I will toss out a group of places I enjoy and the reasons why (no order):

              la Calle Doce: think seafood. Paella, Shrimp Rellenos, and ceviche. The best, but in Oak Cliff. I drink with one of the waiters (owners nephew) at Step Up Lounge and he offers menu advice and when to come for the best paella.

              Craft: Huge assed menu with delightful things not normally seen in Dallas. Wonderful collection of oysters and even better host of mushrooms. A can't lose place for anyone.

              Jimmy's Food Store, Zinsky's, and Deli News: Sandwich heaven and the two latter greatness on matzo ball soups.

              Kirin Court: Dim Sum everyday, but favorite day is Saturdays. Wonderful selection and during week its CHEAP.

              Steel: All around good Asian fare including sushi. I like Nobu for the high end nights when you are out to impress (awesome menu, great scenery!)

              Kalachandji's: freaky delicious Vedic vegetarian.

              Grimaldi's and Campisi's: Pizza done the way I like it.

              Lanny's Alta Cocina: It's Fort Worth, but lets not allow that to deter us. Nice tapas menu that is heavy on lobster and foie gras. Best rabbit treatment I have ever had, and a delightful sea bass. I remember awesome gnocchi's too.

              Stephan Pyles: Damn him. Shows up on my freaking list! Gotta love his bone-in ribeye and the ever popular crab custard tamale tart that he is so famous for. His tapas are weak, and will only anger you. Do not do anything that requires management intervention, the worst.

              La Me: You will see this name tossed around quite a bit on Dallas Chow lists of any sort. Ban Mi to levels unknown. They also have the best Pho around and WiFi (important for me at solo lunches).

              Mias and Herreras: Local tex-Mex done right. Mia's brisket taco was featured on that silly Julie's blog (of the Julia/ Julie fame). And Herreras is just over all good and with thick chewy tortillas (think Jimmi's Special) Also love Escondido's for their beef enchilada's. Will also note that I drink with the owners from two of the three places at Step Up as well, but has no bearing on my rec.

              Super H Mart Food Court: Cheap, easy and tasty Korean food. Great for hangovers.

              I don't know how many that is. I have many other favorites. These are done often and very go to for me. I reserve the right to add to this list. Did I say Taco Joint? Funny, I drink with a lot of restaurant owners at Step Up. Many of them didn't get mentioned., but eh...

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                So when does La Calle Doce have the best paella?

                  1. First Chinese BBQ in Richardson. Any Mexican restaurant on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff. Preferably, Gonzalez, Lito's or La Palapa Veracruzana. And I can't leave out Hattie's on Bishop in Oak Cliff or, Nonna on Lomo Alto in Highland Park. Oh yes, Teppo on Greenville and, Sushi Sake in Richardson. I might as well add Natsumi gelato on Henderson. Those are some of MY favorites.