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Aug 28, 2009 09:25 PM

Leaving for Tokyo in One Week - Rate My Restaurant Picks

Well... I leave for Japan next Saturday and I think I've got most of my restaurants picked out... let me know what you guys think!

Sushi Dai
Daiwa Sushi
Sushi Saito*
Sushi Kanesaka*
La Bombance*
Tapas Molecular Bar*
L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon*
Fuku Yakitori
Ippudo Ramen (Need to compare it with the NY branch.)
Ivan Ramen
Churasquira Manuel (Need something to remind me of home!)

I'm still looking for a good spot to try the famed Japanese beef as well as a tempura lunch so any suggestions there would be appreciated!

* = already made reservations

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  1. Regarding Japanese beef: are you looking at steak, shabu shabu, yakiniku, sukiyaki or teppanyaki? What is your budget per person as this can be very expensive.

    I am not a big fan of tempura but did try Asagi and Kondo (both at Ginza) for lunch. They are pretty good.

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    1. re: FourSeasons

      Hi 4Seasons,

      To be quite honest, I'm really not sure. I've never had Japanese Wagyu before so I wanted to give it a shot.. I'm not a big beef eater though. Budget is up to 20,000JPY p/p.

      Thanks for your tempura suggestions... I'm leaning towards Kondo.

      1. re: JAL777

        Just for quality beef, middle price, yakiniku, and for Tokyo Shibuya :
        Near the DONQUIHOTE and BUNKAMURA

        1. re: JAL777

          Many rave about Dons as the best steak house.
          Shabu shabu: I like Seryna.
          Sukiyaki: you can try Yoshihashi which Uncle Yabai raved about.
          Yakiniku: If you are looking for high end, try Ayanokouji near Midtown. Or mid range chain like Jojoen or Toraji is good for reasonable budget.
          Teppanyaki: many like Ukai-tei or Morimoto.
          Yen 20,000pp is good enough for all except perhaps Dons.

      2. Unless you're dead set on comparing Ippudo with the NY, I'd reconsider and give a different kind of ramen a try.

        Maybe try Menya Kissou, Men Dokurokururi, Nidaime Tsujita, Kanzan Ramen, Ramen Jiro or a Taisho-ken location.

        1. I think that you should consider Sushi Bun as an alternative to Daiwa Sushi or Sushi Dai, they don't generally encourage magazine coverage, etc. so normally short or no line. That being said, Sushi Dai I believe is marginally better than Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Bun, so if you can take the hour or so wait. Do not go on Saturday, lines are massive everywhere.

          1. I guess I'm too late, but I'd skip Robouchon. It is really good, but I see no need to eat at the one in Tokyo. Also, reservations aren't really necessary - I walked in there on a weekend evening with no problem. I also agree with trying a different Ramen place (actually I'd recommend several different ramen places). Ippudo is good, but not uncommonly good for Tokyo ramen.