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Aug 28, 2009 08:26 PM

Done with Kopplin's and ISO replacement mocha - MSP

I loved, loved Kopplin's - until my most recent visit, when I discovered that they've decided they will no longer serve decaf coffee due to its increased carbon footprint. Ditto on the skim milk, because they believe it has less flavor. (Personally, I like skim milk, and a rational person would acknowledge that this is a business, and they have a right to select their product mix, and I have a right to vote with my pocketbook, but the less rational side of me is really irritated that their product choices effectively push me out of their business since I can't drink caffeine for health reasons. It's the same reason that I question why they care if someone wants to take a large coffee to go - which they don't permit, due to what they believe to be quality reasons. Why not? What if I like it that way? Is there a "too rigid" in a service business? Curious issues. ..but I digress.)

Anyhow, they made a fabulous mocha with unsweetened chocolate. Is there anywhere else in town where they make these? They tried to tell me that they had plenty of caffeine-free delicious beverages but the hot chocolate wasn't that great without the coffee. Sigh.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know their offerings inside and out but I've always been impressed with the quality of coffee at J&S Bean Factory which is close to Kopplin's. Perhaps it's worth a try or others can chime in on the mocha.

      1. yes, ever since kopplin was chosen to have his portrait on the ten krone note there has been a tendency towards, shall i say hubris? but a face on a declining currency is perhaps a mixed drink?

        1. The Chowhound regional boards have a very narrow focus on where to find delicious chow in a given region. If you want to debate whether Kopplin's policies are reasonable, or whether latte4me's objections are appropriate, that's a topic for another board. Please stick with offering alternatives here. Thanks.

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            Thank you. Andrew's focus on quality is what has made Kopplin's undeniably the best place for coffee in the twin cities. I hope he continues to use his judgment to keep the quality high.