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Aug 28, 2009 08:10 PM

looking for punjabi market recommendations in vancouver

I just heard about the Punjabi Market in Vancouver and wanted to see if anyone might have tips on good places to eat in this area -- meals, snacks, etc. It sounds like it might be a fun place to visit.

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  1. Looking for city cite in your headline...

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      If you mean the area along Main and Fraser from about 41st to 49th, there are loads of stores and restos along there. I used to rather like the buffet/bulk savoury snacks at Himalaya but it's been ages. To be honest, this isn't where I'd think to go for East Indian food but it is quite fun to poke around the food stores and buy spices inexpensively. Also some amazing fabric deals to be had. I actually got the material for my wedding dress in one of the saree shops, but I digress...

    2. Himalaya is my favourite and is the only place I would eat at on Main Street. It was one of the or maybe the first? Indian restaurant in Vancouver (before Surrey exploded with them) and although it looks pretty old and hole in the wallish inside the food is good if you don't order the buffet:). My faves are paneer naan and shahi paneer and I also like their samosas (although surprisingly I feel Sitar has the best samosas in Vancouver-besides homemade of course:). My mother likes their chaat and orders it every time we go and one of my girlfriends has really enjoyed the dosas. I have been unable to try due to lentil allergies....
      It can be fun to visit as their are so many nick nacks, costume jewellery, fabrics, etc. Just remember you can usually bargain anything down in price. My favourite clothing shop is Frontier cloth house (where I purchased my wedding dress too!:). The owners son takes care of the nice costume jewellery shop right across the street and IMO has the highest end costume jewellery on the street.

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        Thanks for the update on Himalaya, selena -- it really has been forever since I've eaten in that area, apart from the odd samosa. Good tip on Sitar too; who knew?

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          The only place worth eating in is
          Best Quality Sweets on Main @ 57th.

          100% veggie and the sweets are ambrosial.

          Plain doesn't begin to describe the 'restaurant' but the food is worth it-I lunched there Thursday paid $5 for 2 samosas & soup.