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Aug 28, 2009 07:18 PM


I have tried to eat normal snacks like normal people--be it nuts and fruits or packaged products. None work for me.

The best I have include (Spanish) tortilla made while I'm roasting a chicken. Something that can be eaten cold or at room temperature without work or fuss.

I'm not a fan of sandwiches.

Simply, aside from tortilla, what is good, non-greasy (or stinky) which one can eat during the middle of the day? Something which is filling but not overly heavy?

I eat bananas and apples--those too are good--but what else?


edit: I'm trying to also find things which don't have a lot of packaging. I have some time on the weekends to make food for the week, but it makes me cringe to buy a bag of pre-portioned cheese. I did it 3x in a month and simply felt bad because of the plastic waste. Learning that my yogurt containers weren't recyclable got me to buy some starter cultures. I'm neither a vegan nor a raw foodist--just trying to satisfy my hunger without offending my co-workers!

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  1. I, too, don't do "normal" snack foods.

    I keep plenty of good cheeses around (now, I eat the cheese with crackers but you could eat it with the fruit you eat). I'm also a big fan of Italian deli and always have some spicy capicola and salami around. However cheese and salumeria count both as stinky and greasy, for most folks.

    Asian markets have all sorts of great snacks (I'm a huge fan of the Japanese soy-sauce flavored rice crisps wrapped with Nori).

    I also keep boiled eggs on hand - peel, slather on some homemade Dijon mayonnaise and eat out of the hand.

    And olives...

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      A big second on the eggs, in particular, Chinese tea eggs and red-cooked eggs. I find the marination reduces the sulfur smell.

      I also do a lot of homemade omusubi or maki; silken tofu cut into miso soup (buy the containers rather than the pre-packaged envelopes -- less packaging); silken tofu drizzled with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and chives; French breakfast radishes from the farmer's market with some sort of dip (bean dip, hummus, whipped cream cheese or even just salt); toasted almonds; or Lundberg farms brown rice cakes spread with something (cheese, PB are relatively non-odiferous, but cream cheese and smoked salmon are really da bomb).

      But by far my most common snack, though, are leftovers. I'll eat part of my lunch at lunchtime and the rest as an afternoon snack.

    2. - hummus (or other bean dip) and raw veggies
      - string cheese
      - low fat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese topped with fruit and cereal (or if you prefer savory, cottage cheese with salsa & veggies)
      - a bowl of cereal
      - deli meat roll-ups - slice of turkey, roast beef, etc rolled with a slice of reduced-fat cheese
      - spread your apple or banana with a tablespoon of nut butter

      1. String cheese, or some other cheese? I like yogurt with granola stirred in. Crackers or pita spread with peanut butter? Celery stuffed with flavored cream cheese spread?

        1. I love string cheese--but the packaging is getting to me. Too much plastic waste. Hard boiled eggs--good, unless the sulfur smell starts up (I've started taking eggs to work to mix with "better than bouillon" broth for a more hearty broth--the water is at 190F).

          In the past I've had good carrots and a massive container of Maille dijon mustard (good combo--trust me). I'm thinking of a slimming diet because I've recently started getting bigger, but I'm not yet ready for a DIET.

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          1. re: Caralien

            Get some authentic string cheese from a middle eastern/armenian store. Just be sure to soak it in a bit of warm water to remove the excess salt. Drain and pat with paper towel then pack in a little container, you can rinse it at work if you want.

          2. I forgot to chime in Cottage Cheese with horseradish & dill. Very satisfying if you're a "savory" craver.

            Fruit leathers?