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Aug 28, 2009 06:53 PM

The best ceviche spot?

Preferably below 23rd, thanks

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  1. Lima's Taste (peruvian - christopher & bedford) has fantastic ceviche.

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    1. re: ajen021

      Thanks, ajen
      Have you ever tried La Barra? I also heard Sushi Samba has decent ceviche although I think the sushi there is way overpriced for what it is.

      1. re: tribecafoodnerd

        I recently ate at Sushi Samba.
        I had the $60 sampler menu.
        It was great.
        Lots of food, I remember the seviche was my favorite part of the tasting...

        1. re: dougnash

          Sushi Samba
          87 seventh Avenue South
          between Bleecker and West 4th

    2. Dos Caminos had very good ceviche, Mesa Grill, Lure, and Craft Steak also had pretty tasty ceviche but Craft Steak was way overpriced for what it was. Stay away from Mercadito Grove- it was so bland. Has anyone had the ceviche at Yerba Buena?