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Sushiman and Sushi Shop counters: good or bad?

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Worth it or avoid like the plague?

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  1. I tried sushi shop once (McGill College / Cathcart) and the soy sauce was too sweet. WTF.

    My coworkers like the Sushiman in PVM but the first time I bought a box on a Monday, I got rice that was not fresh. The soy sauce is also a mix with something sweet. WTF#2

    I almost cursed at them in vietnamese.

    1. I've had sushi several times from various Sushi Shops and have never gotten sick but it's definitely average sushi, just a step above the kind sold in supermarkets. It's convenient. I must also mention though that their prices are steep for what you get, definitely a poor QPR.

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        Sushi Shop used to be much better when they first opened. Now it's barely average. I agree with hungryann about the poor QPR - it's far too expensive for what it is.

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          Not familiar with Sushiman, but I do order at SushiShop once in a while. The one in Palais des Congrès or on Monkland is OK, I find the quality there better then the one in Desjardins for example, where the rice is dryer and sushi more bland.
          I usually order a few items I like instead of the combos, where most of what you get is rice, surimi and cucumber :) I really like their "tartare maki" or rainbow rolls.

      2. Sushi shop in general is pretty good. I usually take one of the on-the-go type combos. I recommend the smokey maki and the sushi desserts.

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          i think sushi shop is god awful - the worst of the worst
          however, i am completely addicted to their calamari salad
          it's delicious except for the fact that theres high fructose corn syrup in it

        2. Both are awful interpretations of sushi; mass produced with no love or even skill. The sweet soy sauce is to please the pallets of fast-food jockeys too used to everything being laced with sugar. It's the taco bell of the sushi world.