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Aug 28, 2009 06:39 PM

Nino's Tuscany - Traditional Italian Food and Traditional American Pianist

We went to this Italian restaurant on West 58th St. (between 6th and 7th Ave.) when we saw a special mentioned in the NY Times - lobster fra diavolo for up to 3 people, $45. For two people it was a delicious treat with generous-sized servings. Our appetizers, lamb meat balls ($10) and tripe alla fiorentina ($9), had intense flavor. The tripe was so good we ordered an extra one to take home. The service was friendly and attentive. (Note - photo shows 2 lamb meatballs; it comes with 4.)

The pianist, Irving Fields, plays on a beautiful baby grand, and is now 94 years old. He has had a lengthy career going back to the days 60 years ago when hotels, top restaurants, and ocean cruises all had pianists on staff. He is most enjoyable to listen to, takes requests, and is very friendly with the customers.

An experience not to be missed.

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  1. I also went there and had a nice time. I am glad to hear that Irving Fields is still doing well and playing there. He certainly is still frisky at 93!! He was grabbing my hands and not letting me go! He was going around the room and asking people for songs for him to play.

    As for the food, it is traditional Italian served at appropriate prices. I had linguine vongole and thought they were excellent.

    1. hmmm, i looked this place up, and the menu features a tableside Caesar...given that i've yet to find an edible Caesar in NYC, i may give Nino's a try...

      but given the location and the Tony-Bennett-name-dropping and schmaltzy pics on the website, i'm assuming (w/ no offense intended, and perhaps incorrectly?) that the clientele (and corresponding vibe) is tourists and senior citizens?...but Caesar salad and lobster fra diavolo are two of favorite things, so i'm intrigued...

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        what do you have against tourists and senior citizens...haha....I am a tourist, though I go to NY many times a year but I know how to dress up. I don't go to restaurants in flashy bermudas and flip-flops. Dinner is the high point of my day so I dress up nicely:-) certainly is a place that caters to an older clientele but I did not find it stuffy. I have been to Il Tinello and Rossini's that serve good food but where the clientele is older and the service is stuffier than Nino's. Nino's is more laid back than the other two. I had the table side ceasar at Il Tinello and it was excellent.