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Aug 28, 2009 06:15 PM

SOLO in places to eat great food?

Here for five days for business alone. What are the best place to eat alone??? THANKS

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  1. You will find Las Vegas to be very user-friendly for the solo diner, particularly with almost all of the high-end restaurants having nice bar areas, usually with the full menu available. This does not narrow the list for you, of course, but you can simply focus on which menus appeal to you the most, and not be concerned about dining solo.

    1. I will be solo in Vegas next week and some of the places I am hitting up are:
      L'atelier Joel Robuchon- has a cool bar seating where you can watch the chefs cook
      Restaurant Charlie-interesting dishes focused on fresh seafood
      Cut-upscale steakhouse with some of the best cuts of beef in town
      Picasso-kind of a romantic setting, but a very interesting room with the paintings and two star Michelin food

      1. Let me help by suggesting a few places in no particular order.

        First, for amazing Thai food, Lotus of Siam is the place to go. Don't judge the place by its strip-mall location, food is excellent and they have a wine cellar that is out of this world.
        **You'll need a taxi to get out there; you will pay more for the ride out and back than you will for your meal. Strange, but true.

        Next, located in the Venetian is the Grand Lux Cafe. Very fancy decor, great food and HUGE portions. My girlfriend and I had a seafood-pasta plate, didn't come close to finishing it and the meal didn't break the bank.

        Next, go to Binion's for a great steakhouse with some downtown Vegas charm. It's on the 25th floor of Binion's Casino and has that old school, wood paneling steakhouse charm. Good portions, kinda on the expensive side but hey, it's Vegas!

        For Vegas buffets, the Wynn has the best buffet in town. I'd say Belagio's is a close second.
        Wynn -
        Belagio -

        Finally, our downtown guilty pleasure we take in is the 99ยข shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate. It's shrimp packed in a parfait glass drizzled in cocktail sauce with plenty of saltine's on the side. A perfect way to end the night after playing their $3 blackjack!

        I think any of these places are good solo. Hopefully that should get you off to a good start.

        1. I have eaten solo at the bar at Mesa Grill for both lunch and dinner and had a great experience each time. The food is quite good and the bartenders friendly and very accomodating.