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Aug 28, 2009 05:22 PM

Is there such a thing as a dessert tasting menu?

I know its a silly question but wondering if there is such a thing where you get several "courses" of desserts? If so where can I find this?

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  1. There was, at Perigee. But unfortunately they closed last April. So while this does technically answer your question -- there is such a thing! -- it's not particularly helpful.

    1. Amuse-bouche has something like that and its over price and not worth it.

      1. Another thing Toronto needs but probably couldn't support. Dessert tasting menu or better yet, dessert bar.

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        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

          I've been searching for one of those for a long time!!

          1. re: rapsrealm

            There was one at Schillings on the Danforth. It was an AYCE dessert buffet. Only $7.95. Surprisingly, few people actually chose the buffet even though the desserts were absolutely first-rate. Unfortunately Schillings is gone.

        2. We had something like this at Bite Me before it switched to Conviction..basically we told the server to bring us a series of desserts and they created something for us..

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          1. re: burlgurl

            So it seems only Amuse-bouche has this within Toronto. Does anyone know if it comes with a wine pairing?

            1. re: rapsrealm

              Yes, Amuse-Bouche will pair wine with their dessert tasting, I would call first to reserve it though. I thought the desserts were fantastic, and while it's a splurge, it's definitely worth it - one of the more romantic spots in town too, if that's what you have in mind.

              1. re: childofthestorm

                Amuse-Bouche was probably my worst dining experience.

                1. re: dubchild

                  Not mine. We have had three good-to-very good meals there.

          2. There's also MoRoCo in Yorkville, at which you can get several courses of desserts.


            Reviews are mixed on this board, but it seems to offer what you're looking for.

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            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              I've been to MoRoCo before I found it to be more of a novelty more so than amazing desserts. I was looking for something a little more formal with serious desserts.

              1. re: rapsrealm

                Sounds like you're looking for something like P*Ong when it was open, or Chikalicious (both in NY) that pair dessert wines/sakes/cocktails with interesting desserts. You may just be SOL in this city unfortunately. Never tried Amuse Bouche's dessert tasting. If you go please report back and let me know if it was particularly inventive.